Spiritcube Ignites with the Rising Venture Capital Market Trends

July 18, 2017 –  From the current 2017 upward trend outlook in the IPO markets propelled by the aggressive pro-business growth agenda curated by the current white house, the private equity market is rebounding from a straight eight years of stagnation. The private companies are moving into the VC pool at the right time with the expectation of a steady rise of the stock market in 2017.

An opportunity to step into the stage to gain a positive backdrop for IPOs and technology Private Equity Companies. According to CEO of SpiritCube Chris Nelson, in a company board meeting, he discussed the potential capital raise to be experienced in the market.

Moving with this trend, the additional capital raises, moves Spiritcube forward on its production of the 3D App, an accurate and accurate social media platform strengthening the balance sheet.

Spiritcube will is offering $5 million worth of common stocks to the general public, with an approach to make its market itself, currently, no underwriter has been selected to take up this offer. During this offer, the company will be complying with all SEC guidelines in the regulation offering. This equity round is aimed at marking critical milestones and help strengthen the company subsequently creating more value and increasing working capital of Spiritcube.

According to Spiritcube, they will be releasing a cool feature unveiled via a robust corresponding social app (project “jourvoice”) this app is also known as Spiritcube app. This app takes the market nooks and complexities to a simpler level, creating an opportunity for everyone interested in the market be well aquitained to take an informed decision. The Spiritcube app with built-in social media will also be available in early 2018.

About the Company

Spiritcube Inc. is a tech company, aiming to bring experiences and events in a great style -The 3D format. The companies is a mobile and web company based Nevada, with an operational office in Austin, TX. It’s made up of avid innovators, revolutionizing and managing interactive mobile and web application.

Media Contact
Company Name: Spiritcube Inc.
Contact Person: Carolina Florez
Email: Carolina@spiritcube.com
Country: United States
Website: www.spiritcube.com