Have a Broken iPhone screen? Well i-Repair Chicago

Our phones are with us throughout the entire day and you’d be hard pressed to meet anyone with a smart phone that’s never cracked their screen before. Regardless of how the accident occurs, lets face it, its almost inevitable to keep your phone in tack without a random incident occurring which utterly shatters your screen and your bank account. With new phones costing hundreds of dollars and local repair technicians charging anywhere between 90-149 bucks a repair some of us are plagued with having to wait until we scrape up the funds to have these damaged screens repaired.

The wait is finally over (well at least for iPhone users in Chicago)! The innovative company I-repair Chicago is a mobile screen repair company that comes directly to your door and repairs your iphone screen (5, 6 & 7) which is pretty cool but where’s the kicker? They do it for only $49!

How you ask? You simply call to set up an appointment, they arrive as scheduled and get it done in less than 30 minutes. So how could this be any better you ask? If you refer a friend within thirty days after your first screen repair you receive a voucher for a free screen repair just in case you have a mishap within the upcoming six months or so.

So for now maybe there isn’t a solution for us regular people that aren’t in Chicago and are without iPhones, but I-repair Chicago will be expanding to accommodate more models and cater to more cities in the fall and winter months. Which gives me hope so that one day I too can get my phone screen repaired without going broke. I just may have to take a trip to Chicago and hook up with I-repair Chicago.

Media Contact
Company Name: I-repair Chicago
Contact Person: Aaron McDonald
Email: Irepairchicago@gmail.com
Phone: 773-236-0698
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Country: United States
Website: http://www.irepairchicagoland.com