Launches an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign, Accessible at

New York, NY – is an online resource which facilitates access to practical inventions and other products which could benefit large numbers of individuals and communities.

View their crowdfunding campaign at (IFH) connects Donors (individuals, NGOs and other non-profits), to a database which is curated solely for products with practical social benefits.

These products are selected based upon four criteria: 

(1) Suitability for use in developing and developed nations

(2) Low cost

(3) Low maintenance and

(4) Ease of setup and use

The initial idea for IFH originated from an individual’s involvement in the nonprofit sector and his interest in unique and practical inventions. An entrepreneur at heart, he realized the potential of using the Internet to provide knowledge of, and access to, inventions and other practical products which could benefit large numbers of individuals and communities.

IFH is reaching out to the crowdfunding community for help, ideas and fundraising,…whether for a “perk,” a direct donation, a good idea or a strategic partnership.

For more information, please email us at or visit our crowdfunding campaign at

Thank you.

About the Company:

IFH facilitates access to practical inventions and other products which could benefit large numbers of individuals and communities. may consider transitioning to either an independent “Benefit-corporation” or a Non-profit 501(c)3 in the future.

Media Contact
Company Name: Inventions for Humanity
Contact Person: Jim MacPherson
State: Connecticut
Country: United States