Roseburg, Oregon – July 19, 2017 – Manuel Jaime, the owner and sole proprietor of M.J. Company has put his tequila company under the brand name “Zircon Azul” up for sales. The M.J. Company which has a proven record of success since its establishment in 2005 shall be sold for only $450,000 to any person or party willing to grab this rare offer and that includes the total U.S. and Mexico inventory that equals 3,750 cases. “Zircon Azul” are the importers of Zircon Azul Tequilas and high-quality Organic Dark Agave Nectar in the USA.

Zircon Azul Tequila which originates from the volcanic highlands of Mexico has an age long uniqueness of taste and standard. The main ingredient, the Weber Blue Agave plant is naturally grown and processed in a careful and perfected distillation process which produces different varieties of unique Zircón Azul Tequila.  The lineup includes Plata/Silver $25 40%ABV/80 proof, Reposado $28 40%ABV/80 proof and an Anejo $35 40%ABV/80 proof. This high quality and 100% blue agave tequila is currently available at local liquor stores in Oregon and is licensed to sell in California and Washington.

For over 100 rears, Jaime Co. in Mexico has been growing the blue agave plant from which they use in producing the distilled alcoholic beverage for the tequila industry and they are committed to continuously using the family historic recipe to maintain its renowned quality. Jamie Co has operational license from Alcoholic Board of Calif, Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Washington State Alcoholic Board. They also hold an open and non-limit license for importing any product into the U.S. from Mexico.

Manuel Jaime, Dean Sullivan who is his vice, and the president of president of O’Sullivan Distributing shall be the consultants and broker for the transaction between the Jamie family and an intending buyer.

If you would like more information about the sale of this tequila company, please contact Lenny Gotter at: 503-358-6552 or email at or visit

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Company Name: Zircon Azul Tequila
Contact Person: Lenny Gotter
City: Roseburg
State: Oregon
Country: United States