Is There a God? Ken Shores Shares Life Changing Testimony in his Book

When tragedy strikes … when disaster happens … when you come to the end of your rope, even those who profess to have the strongest of faith start to wonder: is there really a God? How do we know? These were the questions that haunted Kenneth Shores from childhood to adulthood.

Although he grew up in a Christian home, he lived a life of multi-paths and was never spared from hardships and tragedies. From his absent parents’ constant travel, to his baby brother’s death, the other brother who spent most of his first twenty years in the hospital, his family’s financial difficulties, Kenneth wasn’t sure about the existence of God. Then God intervened and guided him to a greater wisdom as well as a deeper relationship with Him.

Is There a God? How Do You Know? is the author’s personal journey from being unsure if he could trust God to being fully amazed by God’s wonderful presence in his life. It is eloquently revealed Ken Shores hardships and triumphs are convincing testimonies most people can relate to because almost everyone has been there one time or another at the point where God’s existence seems questionable.

The book unravels the most tangled and perplexing issues involving faith and God’s existence especially in times of troubles and disasters. This life-changing story is divided into two sections called the “Act One” and “Act Two”. Ken started writing this book in 2007, after God placed in his mind during his daily devotional time the beginning, the end, the middle and the title of this book. As God takes control of Ken Shores’ life, it is his prayer that other people may experience the love of God, after reading this book.

“It is my prayer that you find your place on stage, and that you gain much from what I have lived through,” he quotes.

Kenneth Shores

Is There a God? How Do You Know: My Life Changing Experience

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About the Author:

Kenneth E. Shores, who was born in Dupont Indiana, has served the US Army for more than 3 years, Graduated 1950 Military Medical School, and became a disabled veteran in 1951.He owned several businesses and has traveled over most of the world. He was the past president of Gideons, past 5 year member of the Board of Directors and currently a member of the Board of Trustees of People to People International, Story Teller, Past Youth Director and youth Teacher at Church, written many published newspaper Articles, and a renowned Public Speaker. The book has been endorsed by Mary Jean Eisenhower (President Eisenhower’s Granddaughter). Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor First Baptist Dallas and Pastor Steve Stroope Lake pointe Church. Kenneth Shores will appear in the 2017 Strathmore’s WHO’S WHO Worldwide Edition as a Professional of the year.

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