Kelly Bagla, Esq. Announces Debut of New “Go Legal Yourself” Book To Help Millions of BusinessOwners To Solve Their Own Most Critical Business Challenges

Carlsbad, CA – Acclaimed San Diego business attorney Kelly Bagla, Esq. announced today that she is launching her new website ( along with her companion book devoted to addressing and answering the greatest frustrations every business entrepreneur can expect to face – understanding the Legal Lifecycle of their business and how to fully bulletproof themselves to ensure their long term financial success.

Go Legal Yourself™ is by far the most detailed guidebook yet released into the marketplace that clearly explains the Four Phases – or Legal Lifecycle – that any business will go through, and how to properly set up one’s business to help ensure its success from day one. Readers will learn what they thought was right, what they should at minimum actually be expected to know, and what they never thought of asking to ensure their smooth sailing in the often perilous business waters that can lie ahead.

“To know exactly where you are in your Legal Lifecycle can enable you to more fluidly from one phase to another, be it from Startup to Growth, or Establishment to Sale/Exit,” Kelly explains.  “For years, I’ve had business owners come to me far too late in their business lifecycle – after they’ve gotten into all kinds of legal troubles or been sued – with nearly the same exact questions, because they didn’t do enough to protect themselves beforehand. So, I decided it was time to write this book – to save future entrepreneurs from the same kind of anguish that a number of my clients have often come to me very late to fix.”

As Kelly tells it, it is essential for every business owner – from startup to those in the most mature phases of getting ready to sell their businesses – to understand the distinct and very specific phase their business is in – no matter what the field – because the Legal Lifecycle applies to all business types.  By preparing in advance, corresponding legal processes and protections can be initiated to help ensure successful outcomes that owners are looking for.

“Because my firm is an expert in this legal area, particularly with helping small businesses to fully protect themselves, their assets, and continuing to grow, our experience has enabled us to provide a range of services to all manner of businesses, from startups to exit. We offer a unique “one-stop-destination shop” for entrepreneurs that addresses every phase of their business. After dealing with hundreds of the same business issues for several decades, these distinct phases came into sharp focus for me, which allowed me to then distill them down in an easy to read and follow format for business owners to help them to button up and protect themselves.”

When asked what the most common mistake startups and fast growth companies make that are serious about winning in business, Kelly didn’t hesitate.  

“Not having the RIGHT contracts in place, specifically tailored for the particular phase of the Legal Lifecycle that their business is in,” she replied. “Simply put, business owners often don’t know what they don’t know. While few parents couldn’t anticipate shifting into increasingly more advanced tactics and strategies to successfully oversee the growth of their children, unfortunately, no one has ever provided business owners with a comprehensive instruction manual and overview of how to ensure the healthy and viable growth of their businesses. To address this need, we’ve come up with a series of customized legal packages, relevant to where each owner is at in their life cycle, along with full follow-up access to an on-call expert that can further advise them as well as anticipate their specialized future legal planning needs.”

In addition to contracts and business formation, Kelly notes her firm offers a wide variety of additional legal services to include selecting and forming the most beneficial business structure to protect one’s business and personal assets, as well as specialized legal help with branding, trademarks, confidentiality agreements, website terms of use and privacy policies, employee handbooks, licensing agreements, private placement memorandums (PPMs), buy-sell agreements, and much, much more.

Among her most popular legal packages, Kelly observes they include:  

Startup Essentials:

* Corporation Formation Package
* Articles of Incorporation
* Bylaws
* Sole Incorporator Resolution
* Organizational Meeting Minutes
* Founder’s Stock Purchase Agreement
* Form SS-4 to obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN)
* Form 2553 to file as an S-Corporation
* Promissory Note
* Client Consulting Agreement
* Independent Contractor Agreement
* Confidentiality Agreement
* Website Terms of Use
* Website Privacy Policy
* Website Disclaimer
* One Hour Legal Strategy Session with Kelly Bagla, Esq.

Growth Essentials:

* Includes everything in the Startup Essentials package, plus:
* Director Agreement
* Employee Handbook
* Employee Application Form
* Employee Agreement
* Employee Stock Option Plan
* Non-Disclosure Agreement
* Shareholder Resolution Authorizing Stock
* Board of Director Resolution Authorizing Stock
* Shareholder Agreement
* Business Plan Template
* Trademark Logo Assistance Half Hour
* Three Hours Legal Strategy Session with Kelly Bagla, Esq.

Additional legal packages are expected to be announced in the future.

Praise for Go Legal Yourself ™:

“Knowing your business Legal Life cycle is key to running a successful business. I really appreciate Kelly’s approach to educating her reader about the Legal Life cycle of a business. It’s particularly helpful for the new entrepreneur who needs to find trusted answers quickly.”
 — Felena Hanson, Founder, Hera Hub

“The question and answer format makes it easy to understand and even easier to use. Go Legal Yourself will help entrepreneurs learn the legal knowledge they need to succeed. A must-have for our busy professionals. Thank you so much!”
 — Desiree Doubrox, CEO/Founder, An Empowered Woman and HomWork™

“Kelly Bagla nails it. She provides answers to the most often asked small business legal questions within the four corners of this gem of a book. If you are starting or running a small business, read it.”
 — Chuck Sinks, Small Business Coach and Adviser

About Kelly Bagla:

Kelly Bagla, Esq. is an experienced corporate attorney who practices in San Diego, California and prides herself on paying personal attention to her business client’s needs.  After a successful career as a corporate attorney for the world’s strongest global law firm brand, Kelly founded Bagla Law Firm, APC. She loves advising business owners on how to know and leverage each of the four phases of the Legal Lifecycle of their business.  Known affectionately by her clients as the “Queen of Business Law,” Kelly knows business.

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