The Benefits of Swaddling: 5 Reasons Why Moms Everywhere Should Swaddle Their Baby for the First 3 Months of Life!

Florida, USA – July 19th, 2017 – Swaddling is the time-tested practice of wrapping our babies in blankets or cloths to keep them warm and feeling secure. Studies show that swaddling our little bundles of joy keeps them from being startled and calm, especially in the first few days of their lives when their internal thermostat hasn’t kicked in yet.

As a mom, you may have been told countless times that swaddling is important for the first month or two of your babies’ development.  However, if you find that your babies are still cutely comfortable being securely wrapped when asleep, it is suggested to continue the practice for the first 3 months of their lives.

Here are five reasons why moms should consider getting Swaddle Blankets for their little ones:

Reduce the risk of SIDS:

One of the benefits of swaddling is to keep our babies on their backs when sleeping. Swaddling helps to keep infants asleep in the supine position, and therefore reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) significantly.

Improve neuro-muscular development:

Newborn babies can only move their limbs randomly and unintentionally in the early stages of their development. Swaddling improves their motor skill organization by forming their self-regulatory ability and reducing their physiological distress.

Promote Sleep:

One of the effects of swaddling to babies is that it recreates the environment of being inside their mother’s womb. Keeping the newborns firmly wrapped prevents them from being disturbed, giving them a feeling of safety and security that induces sleep.

Less crying:

Babies tend to get easily startled due to movement and noise, especially now that they are exposed to the environment outside of our wombs. Swaddling prevents infants’ startle responses, and reduces the risk of them getting irritated and being forced to cry.

Basis for soothing:

Since our newborns are adjusting to their new environments, they may enter a hyper excited state and may need to be brought back to their normal state. Swaddling gives babies a sense of calmness, effectively soothing them and making them feel at peace.

To achieve the benefits of swaddling, moms should know how to do it properly or avail of a product that will safely and easily cuddle your little loved ones softly, like Kingaroo Swaddle Wraps – made from 100% soft natural cotton that will provide babies with warmth and comfort. These swaddle wraps make an excellent baby shower gift either for boys or girls.

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