New York City Fitness Trainer Is Challenging Women to Live More Confidently

Head Coach Lawrence Serrahn of LS Fitness is giving women the power to change their lives.
Former NYPD Officer and Marine Corps veteran Lawrence Serrahn is challenging women to become healthier, more confident, and physically fit. Utilizing his Precision Performance Training Program, LS Fitness is giving women of all ages and fitness levels the power to change their lives.

By Zoey Thompson

New York, NY – Women are more engaged in the work force today than at any other time in history. They are breaking glass ceilings and kicking in doors. These changes have increased life satisfaction and financial advantages for women. On the down side, however, it has also increased the time women spend sitting each day. Today, more people are complaining of chronic symptoms and recurring illness caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Former Marine and NYC police officer Lawrence Serrahn believes that women can have it all and wants to show them how to become healthier, stronger, and more focused with a few simple life changes. Lawrence is the head coach and founder of LS Fitness. He has been sculpting bodies and changing lives for years. Most recently, LS Fitness has condensed those years of hands-on expeirence into a system and debuted The Precision Performance Training Program.  Serrahn says it will “change lives.”

“We use the same platform with in-house clients and for our online training programs. Our software is backed by ProCoach and Precision Nutrition. It’s totally a habit based system,” says Serrahn. “People install the software and we use it to remind them what they should be eating and doing in real time. At LS Fitness we know that you can’t be healthy with bad habits so our job is to promote consistency and help form good habits that will take us all to that next level.”

Serrhan understands the importance of consistency and good habits. He spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps where they drilled it into him. He claims that the Marines, and to some extent the NYPD, taught him a repeatable approach to working out so that he could obtain high levels of physical performance. Habits, he believes, are integral to maintaining optimal health.

Precision Performance is a total coaching program, intended to instill that daily discipline and formulate good habits. The software produces reminders for daily habits & practices, as well as, provides lessons in fitness and nutrition. It can be used in conjunction with a gym membership or alone, if necessary. 

“Fitness is my life, it has been since a very young age,” says Serrahn. “When growing up I used to be very skinny, unhappy with my body and I didn’t have any self-confidence. It wasn’t until I began to work out that I saw the change not just in my body, but my mind and overall attitude. I feel great and full of energy each and every day. I want everyone to feel this way, which is why I do what I do.”

LS Fitness was started with the goal of looking at fitness in a holistic and integrated way. He says that his focus on women was a result of his understanding that most women are constrained by time, and therefore needed a different approach to personal training that respected those constraints. His fundemental ‘Fitness Made Simple’ approach was a reminder to himself that he needed a basic workout plan that achieves results for everyone. LS Fitness cleintiele have seen their lives transform quickly and sustainably. Testimonials from clients demonstrate not only that they were able to achieve body form results, but that their emotional health improved because of the program.

Rave reviews and success stories aren’t the only proof that this system works. LS Fitness offers a guarantee to their patrons who are serious about committing to the process. That’s simply unheard of in a field full of gimmicks and fads. “We know our methods work when a person follows their plan with my coaching and oversight – there is 100% confidence in what we deliver.”

Check out LSFitnessNYC – Guaranteed for more information and to schedule with Lawrence and Team LS Fitness.

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