BandMag, the Ultimate Destination for Music Artists and Fans, Nears Launch

Melbourne, Australia – New artists, new videos and what’s making waves in the music clouds, all of this with the power of social networking will soon become a daily routine in our lives with the launch of BandMag. The music lover’s exclusive website is nearing its launch, and BandMag’s first look does not disappoint, packing a powerful punch with features such as featured artists and bands, fan status updates and audio shares to the latest news, events and reviews.

BandMag is easy to use, and yet powerful with well known networking tools and icons that allow artists to follow and connect with fans and vice versa. Fans get to create their own fan pages, share music via popular music platforms, and create followings. New videos and artists show upfront so that no visitor misses out on what’s cool at any moment. And then there are blogs, a forum, music on sale, fan votes and top chart rankings. BandMag promises to be the world of music sitting right at one place to be discovered.

If music connects the world, BandMag is another extension of its power. Visitors on BandMag will always find something to go for, whether it is the social community, photo sharing, or dropping a line to their favorite artist or fellow fans. Finally, BandMag ensures that no visitor or artist misses out on the latest new videos and artists displayed prominently on the homepage.

“As a part of the new generation, we have some best and innovative ideas for different target audiences as we tend to think and decide through audience’s perspective, because we are one of them. This is an amazing platform which enhances your social life and helps you associate with others,” said Jana Uldrikis of BandMag.

BandMag is designed not merely for networking or entertainment, but to also serve as a platform to advertize and promote one’s business. Brands can thus advertize and build their first image right in front of their online audience.

“This is a complete package, which will give you entertainment and knowledge at the same time. It will also give a boost to your boring lifestyle. Every moment of your life will make this website a great social community,” says Jana.

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