FLiFLi Has Launched an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for their Project; LifeBattery AIR, an amazing LifeBattery inspired and designed for iphones, ipads, and macbooks

New Jersey, USA – July 19, 2017 – FLiFLi, an innovative company, who recently launched FLiFLi AirDrop for DJI Phantom Series on Amazon has come up with another fantastic cutting-edge device LifeBattery AIR, a technologically advanced AC power bank designed to produce an output power up to 100W for any Apples including Macbook Touch Bar at anytime, in any condition without any problem. FLiFLi has today announced the launching of this exciting LifeBattery AIR crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo.

LifeBattery AIR is AC powered Battery specially designed to match your MacBook beautifully. It comes in different colors and also compact and convenient to take wherever you go. Sleek, elegant curves along the edges inspired by Macbook of the casing are created and these edges for ergonomically friendly and easy to hold. With LifeBattery AIR, you do not have to worry about running out of battery power at inappropriate time for it can expand your device battery life up to 1,960 Hours depending on the type. For Macbook Air, it can give up to 68 Hours, Macbook Pro Touch Bar up to 63 Hours, iPad Pro up to 38 Hours, iPhone 7 up to 295 Hours, iPhone 7 + up to 135 Hours, iPhone 6 up to 360 Hours and Apple Watch Series up to 1,960 Hours.

Apple Devices, especially Macbooks and iPhones need it’s sensitive and exquisite electronic wave flows to be charged in unharmful and environmental way. This is why FLiFLi grafted the latest delicate performing technology PSW (Pure Sine Wave) system embarked to LifeBattery AIR which naturally produces clean electricity to Apple devices without forcing over Apple’s technological limit automatically.

Many AC power banks manufacturers have their output ports at the side of them by focusing on making their product thinner which makes Apple Macbook’s charging plug to lift the battery a little and stays unstable, LifeBattery AIR developers solved this problem by placing all the output ports on the upper side of the device which enables the easy and stable connection between the battery and the charging plug.

FLiFli has a month left to reach their target of $30,000 fixed goal; Powerful Multi-Charger for LifeBattery AIR is currently under development. Estimated mass production date will be the same as AIR production which is October 2017, one with 3 charging ports and another one with 5 charging ports will be released. During this campaign, Backers support perk with 3 LifeBattery AIR will get 3 Port Multi-Charger for LifeBattery AIR for FREE and Backers support perk with 5 LifeBattery AIR will receive 5 Port Multi-Charger for LifeBattery AIR for FREE. Shipment to Early-Bird Backers will start on 17th December while the shipment to all Indiegogo Backers will start on the 18th January 2017.

For more information about LifeBattery Air on Indiegogo and to view other unique offers available to supporters, visit: https://igg.me/at/lifebatteryair

To watch the video on YouTube, visit: https://youtu.be/mLzteKTTHYkhttps://youtu.be/366V8u3Nm78

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FLiFLi is an innovative and creative company with huge passion on developing new cutting-edge products, one of their latest products is FLiFLi AirDrop for DJI Phantom Series on Amazon. The company takes pride in bringing technological advancement to life which will support easier way of living.

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