Rise Up Organization is Combating the Jigger Bug Epidemic in Kenya

Africa is home to a jigger bug (or chigoe flea) epidemic which afflicts thousands of men, women and children. The horrifying effects of jigger bug infection include painful inflammation, black discoloration, loss of nails, infection and limb deformation. Due to the cultural stigmatization that often accompanies jigger bug infection — infected persons are labeled “cursed” — there is also a serious loss of self-esteem which is an added side effect to the painful condition which inhibits or prevents labor.

Reality about the jigger bug epidemic is that it is completely preventable. The chigoe flea resides in the soil and wearing shoes can limit exposure. For persons who are already infected, a short course of treatment can remove the jigger bug. Unfortunately, the impoverished people who are most affected by jigger bugs lack these simple protective measures and treatment options.

The Rise Up Organization founded by Kenyan native Jim Nduruchi is committed to helping the many people suffering from jigger bugs. In the three years that the Rise Up Organization has been in operation, more than a 100,000 people in 68 villages have been successfully treated. Each patient requires only $10 worth of aid: $6 for a pair of shoes, $3 for potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, Savlon and a scalpel; $1 to transport volunteers. With these supplies and advice from volunteers, victims can eradicate the infestation from their bodies, disinfect their homes and prevent future infections.

Although the Rise Up foundation has helped many people in Kenya, millions more still need help.  In order to bolster the number of volunteers and bring aid to more people, Jim Nduruchi has sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo to raise $7,000. With these funds, thousands of families can be properly treated and regain their position in their community, as well as return to work pain free. In return for a financial contribution, donors may receive perks like a photo of a treated patient, T-shirts, beaded bracelets, Kenyan souvenirs, or a Maasai blanket. To learn more about the Rise Up Organization or to make a donation, please visit:

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