Tax Consultants Puts Smiles on Tax Payers’ Faces!

Austin Texas, USA – July 20th, 2017 – Assessment Technologies, Property Tax Consultants, has opened a new office in Austin, TX, to bring their professional tax-reducing services to the people of Austin. Assessment Technologies, a registered Property Tax Consulting firm, located at 111 Congress, Suite 400, Austin, has been in the business of lowering the Property Tax Liability of their clients for over 30 years. This is good news and a great relief for those in Austin – a cause to smile!

Assessment Technologies, a highly sought after Property Tax Consulting firm, has two major areas they assist you, their clients, as far as property tax is concerned:

  • Any property that is used for business activities, like Commercial and Industrial.
  • They also specialize in property assessments before, during and after Bankruptcy.

This professional Property Tax Consultants will assist all property owners, by minimizing their property taxes. They have been able to recover over payment refunds for their clients, reduce values and provide savings on current and future property taxes. With headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, and in several other locations in the nation, the firm now comes to Austin to change your lives.

Assessment Technologies understands that most people in the society would not imagine challenging their property tax valuation by the government tax authorities. People just pay their tax bills as good citizens, when they come due every year, without any form of cross-checking things, to ensure there is no over-valuation. These professional Property Tax experts are here to create awareness and to educate you that your property tax valuation has a high likelihood to be over assessed, due to the mass valuation system most local government’s use in their work.

Furthermore, Assessment Technologies will conduct free property evaluations for you, and assist you to file appeals for tax relief – representing you on the county and state levels. In addition, these experts will assist you to apply for refunds from previous years’ incorrect assessments and obtain exemptions where applicable.

Other services offered by Assessment Technologies include:

  • Discovery and recovery of assets – including duplicate and inadvertent overpayments.
  • Verifying the accuracy of public records (to ensure you have not been over-assessed over the years).
  • To monitor your property tax and assessments, watching out for long-term tax relief opportunities.

This Property Tax Consulting firm understands the intricacies involved in property tax assessment and are here to help you –count on their total support. Visit their offices today.

About Assessment Technologies:

Assessment Technologies is a registered Property Tax Consulting firm, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with other locations around the US.

Visit for more information and their other locations.

Phone: 800.914.2732

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Company Name: Assessment Technologies
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