Royal Light Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights Available on Amazon

The Outdoor String Lights (48ft) The Perfect Solution for Patio lights, Yard lights, Deck lights or other Outdoor Light, Commercial Grade,15 Long-Life Incandescent Bulbs, plus 2BONUSES-(Black)

Royal Light U.S is pleased to announce in conjunction with Amazon that they have launched their new commercial grade outdoor string lights, which come with a full guarantee and three-year warranty. The outdoor lights are perfect for bringing light to the patio, the yard, or areas of the home that needs reliable, fashionable lighting for entertaining.


The Royal Light outdoor string lights, which were designed in the US and backed with an ETL certification and featuring the highest quality SJTW cord available have gained huge exposure. The product which is 48 feet in length comes with 11watt, 110V S14 incandescence bulbs; providing elegant, stylish lighting for any outside area.

Since being launched on the market, some product reviewers have tested the outdoor string lights and called them great value, while others have called them the best outdoor string lighting products on the market. Now, the company behind the product has made them available on Amazon.

A spokesman for Royal Light said: “Our outdoor string lights are perfect for special occasions, barbecues, parties, or relaxing outside with a glass of wine surrounded by beautiful lighting.”

The Outdoor String Lights are easy to install, removing the need for outside expert help which can be expensive and time-consuming. Unlike other outdoor string lights, the Royal Light product is weatherproof, which means they can withstand heavy weather conditions including wind, rain, or snow.

“We looked at what our customers wanted from outdoor lighting, and we came up with our elegant product that provides the perfect mood lighting for entertaining outdoors. With our watertight sockets, it means you can plug different strings together without worrying about them coming apart.”

As well as the outdoor lights providing the perfect mood while entertaining, and being affordable to purchase, they are also very cost-effective to run.

The product has only just been launched on Amazon, and already they have achieved five-star reviews. At a price of $69.99, they are one of the most affordable and recommended outdoor lighting products available. The normal price of the product is $99.99, which means those wishing to grab a bargain need to do so now before the product goes back to its normal price.

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About Royal Light Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights

The Royal Light Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights are a popular product that provides the perfect lighting for outdoor events.

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