Big news! Airwheel rolled H3 smart electric wheelchair

Airwheel, a leading company who supplies all kinds of mars rover, can’t afford simply to sustain its existing product—it needs to update them for a changing world. That’s exactly why Airwheel never ceases to develop new products. This article will introduce you a new arrival-Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair.

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The society has been changing with each passing day. If ignoring this crucial point, we may loss lots of chance or even worse. As for this, Airwheel keeps a cool head and continues to design new idea wheels. It is just this spirit that makes it be the strong who are dominating the electric equipment world. Three new products’ appearance will spawn a new trend. The emergence of the Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchairs, one of the three new products, is also a big news for us.

First to say, Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair is a full-automatic folding electric wheelchair that hides several folding places. We can say Airwheel has rich experience in folding technology. The purpose is to make each product to be flexible. People are being in moving so they need flexible tools, easy to be carried, packaged or stored. The most comfort feature is the simple design for folding. It can be extended or contracted only by pressing one button.

Now that it is so convenient, how to operate this electric wheelchair? It is clearly to see that there is a protruding part in the right hand of the handrail of H3, and that is the controller which is used to control each action including accelerating, decelerating, direction turning, going forward or backward and braking. Any action will never leave the operating rod installed on the controller. The direction for pushing the rod can make H3 to go forward, backward, accelerate, decelerate or brake. Meanwhile, the strength in pushing the rod will alter the speed of corresponding move.

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Additionally, humanized designs are well applied in H3 lightweight electric wheelchair. The seat is designed in accordance with human engineering which gives users with superior sitting feeling and comfort feeling. The reducer with dual drive mounted on H3 smart wheelchair is used to keep it stable and make the driving more reliable. Well, do you itch for a try for this fabulous electric wheelchair?

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