In Her New Novel, Author Sandradene Walters Proves That When It Comes To Matters Of The Heart, It’s Complicated

Forbidden Loves, Secret Desires, a romantic thriller and the first full-length novel by Sandradene Walters, is out now and officially available for purchase.

Forbidden Loves, Secret Desires is about life, feelings, emotions, and the many facets of romance and intimacy that people are caught in between. It’s the truth about pain, but also about perseverance and the healing power of new love. “The experience of heartbreak leads to the birth of true love,” says author Sandradene Walters about her new novel.

From the book’s blurb:

If there’s one thing Precious Worrington, a bright, spunky, and ambitious law student, is determined not to do, it’s suffer another devastating heartbreak.

So when she meets Maxwell – the very definition of tall, dark and handsome – she’s wary at first, but soon falls for him and all his charms. She quickly realizes that things are not what they seem and that Maxwell may be hiding more than just a couple of skeletons.

Determined to find the truth, Precious starts to dig. But just when she starts to find some answers, the game turns into a dangerous one. Mysterious packages begin showing up on her doorstep. People are watching her.

Will Precious escape this latest, twisted love affair unscathed? Or will she give up on love for good?

Ms. Walters has previously published five volumes of poetry (all on similar topics) but this is her first novel. “Writing is a journey,” she says. “A journey that takes you deep into the blissfulness of your mind. As the juices flow it becomes hard to put the pen down. My journey to this novel begun 11 years ago when my heart was broken and the love I had wasn’t promised to me. My journey had become the realization that the wrong love would leave nothing dedicated to me and that the faded aura of my scent would soon be forgotten, but with true love, I’ve had the privilege of loving another.”

Forbidden Loves, Secret Desires (Blue Artists, LLC, 2017) is available, in print, on and on the author’s website, An ebook version will be released shortly.

About the Sandradene Walters

Sandradene Walters is an author and poet with a love of words. She’s on a journey to love using poetic expression through bold, rhythmic, and sensuous language. She’s always had an embedded passion for expressing how she feels about love. She has now taken her passion and love for words and has created work that she hopes her readers will allow to carry them to a place that is both deep and uninhibited. Through her work, she seeks to empower readers to feel encouraged to express their true feelings to those that they hold dear.

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