A Different Kind Of Spuds™: Menswear Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign In Support Of Groundbreaking Shorts Production

CA, USA – “The only and last pair of shorts you’ll ever need, with Gravi™ Pocket”, is the short, yet concise description the masterminds behind Spuds™ give when asked about their innovative men’s shorts design. To help make their vision come into fruition, Spuds™ founders recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, in order to fund the shorts’ mass production, as well as to raise the necessary capital that would be needed to develop “more high quality products” that “hold the same philosophy” of being “built for all elements” of men’s lives.

Designed to address men’s daily needs, without compromising on style, Spuds™ are made to withstand daily wear and tear, thanks to their ingenious design and use of high-tech fabrics. Friiz™, the “advanced nylon and spandex twill blend” from which each pair of Spuds™ is made, lends its moisture wicking and quick-drying properties to each pair, making them “extremely durable, lightweight”, while providing a “soft, cool feeling” throughout wear.

Coated with C6 DWR (Durable Water Repellant), Spuds™ are water resistant, facilitating workouts and affording a cool fresh feeling. What’s more, Spuds™ feature an additional anti-bacterial, odor-resistant coating, which minimizes the need for continuous washes, making each pair a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly garment.

The shorts’ Gravi™ Pocket accommodates all latest smartphone devices, including all iPhone and Samsung Plus models with cases, ensuring they remain firmly in place against the wearer’s right hip, even while performing complex moves during arduous training.

Asked to comment on the versatility of Spuds™, the company’s media representative said “From working out, to going out, and everywhere in between. We do not classify Spuds™ under a certain category of short, since they do so much. We consider them to be the best training shorts one could ever own, the best hiking shorts one could ever use, and still look great with a button down when it’s time for a night out on the town.”

Spuds™ are manufactured in San Francisco, California, boosting the local economy, providing fair wages to garment makers, and contributing to job stability and job retention within the United States.

With less than 40 days left before the company’s crowdfunding campaign concludes, those wishing to back the production of Spuds™ are advised to visit the company’s website, as well as the Spuds™ Kickstarter campaign page, so as to make their contribution in a timely manner.

To learn more about Spuds™ Apparel, please visit: https://www.spudsapparel.com/

Media Contact
Company Name: Spuds Apparel, LLC
Contact Person: Paul Dickey
Email: Paul.Dickey@spudsapparel.com
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Country: United States
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