Getting in Shape with Trending Spin Bikes | Infographic

Atlanta, GA – With over processed sugars and high fructose fats at every corner, it can be challenging to stay healthy. This difficulty is only worsened by how hard it is to keep fit with a busy schedule or expensive gym memberships. Sometimes, on the journey towards a better body, trending health routines and tips can get muddled with true information. There are so many infographics and DIY routines that can make some methods of exercise seem better than they are. Treadmills are the normal go to for many Americans. Runs are enjoyable for the soul, but are they really that safe? Research has shown that bicycles and other soft joint movement is healthier for the body in comparison to the impact that running has on joints. Many health professionals now recommend spin classes, a water bike, or other bicycle type options as the best alternative to the traditional cardio. One of the best companies for this type of equipment is Get In Wave Shape Exercise.

Treadmills rack up nearly 66% of all exercise injuries on home equipment. They have also shown to lead to a loss of movement and agility. These are not considered benefits of course and should call to question why many fitness privy people continue to use them. Bicycles, especially the stationary kind, offer a softer, yet still optimally intense exercise session without the danger. Finding the best spin bikes and other dependable exercise equipment can be difficult though. Like the overflowing, misleading health trends that exist, false advertising for fitness machines is just as relevant. Get In Wave Shape Exercise offers a better review and informational hub than so many other competitors. Instead of having to shuffle through loads of options alone, they provide only the best.

An ISSA fitness instructor from the Atlanta area was thoroughly impressed with this company’s ability to list and review a variety of equipment, “Normally when sites are recommended to me, they’re bought out and blatantly just a plug for specific company, but Get In Wave Shape Exercise has a huge selection of information. It’s so useful for both me and my clients.” She was further surprised by their knowledge in recumbent exercise as well. It seems that this company’s mission to improve fitness, one bike at a time is a real goal, and not just a brand tagline. Even though treadmills seem like the best option, pay notice to the risk that treadmills can pose. For those seeking the best spin bikes, the Wave Shape company is a great option.


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