A Superior Gold-Backed Bond for Licensed Brokers

Company Releases Its First-Ever Triple-Collateralized Corporate Bond with Good Rate

Winnipeg, MB – Gold Backed Bonds LLC has put together a superior class of asset-backed bond that not only emphasizes capital preservation but also provides good yields to qualified institutional buyers. This is ideal for licensed brokers who wish to provide their investors with diversification while giving them peace of mind that comes from secured investments.

With market fluctuations and uncertainty greater than ever, Niobrara Energy LLC, became the first Gold Backed Bonds (GBB) customer to take advantage of this newly-created asset-backed bond. The issue is for a $255 Million USD raise to construct state of the art, modular oil distillery plants, with a portion of proceeds going into gold mining production held and operated by GBB. Additionally, there is an option to acquire an excellent below-market priced commercial property in positive cash flow located in Houston, Texas. This ensures a diverse stream of income producing assets.

It’s an enticing offer that carries good investment diversification while also providing the institutional clients with a historically-used hedging option, “gold.” With a focus on protecting investors and ensuring that they are whole by the debt’s maturity, Gold Backed Bonds LLC is set to issue three to four of these types of bonds each year. GBB’s mining properties are all high quality and are fully documented, based on industry standards. Primarily, the mines that are operated and managed by GBB are within the western United States and Canada.

For licensed brokers, high-end video presentations were created which may be seen by clicking on the links below:

A third video is also available that clearly describes an alternative insurance option that covers the total principal of the invested capital within a predetermined timeline. For more information on this and to obtain further clarification, please contact Gold Backed Bonds.

It is to be noted that these bonds are meant for qualified institutional buyers only. 

About Gold Backed Bonds

Gold Backed Bonds, LLC is a firm that sponsors investment grade projects though its hard asset collateral, using its mining assets as part of its risk-adjusted strategy. This bond is meant for accredited investors, their representatives, and financial firms only.

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