FANS OF COOL WRESTLING T-SHIRTS NOW HAVE A DEDICATED STORE – from The Wrestling Roundup Podcast and YouTube Channel

Brooklyn, New York, United States of America – July 21st, 2017 – Wrestling fans tired of corporate-designed t-shirts looking for fresh designs and funny wrestling t-shirts got what they wanted on July 1st when The Wrestling Roundup opened its digital doors for the first time.

The store is the brainchild of Kenny Styx, a lifelong wrestling fan who also runs a podcast and YouTube channel of the same name. The t-shirts themselves feature the language used backstage at events by the world-famous wrestlers; often obscure to outsiders, they mark out wearers as fans of the sport with a wry, 21st-century humor.

“I was looking for t-shirts myself when I had the idea to launch my own wrestling t-shirt store,” said Kenny Kingcaide, founder of The Wrestling Roundup. “I realized that fans simply didn’t have a good alternative to corporate t-shirts that were really promotional vehicles for bigger wrestling promotions. There wasn’t anything out there that was designed just for people who simply love the sport. Since July 1st, that’s changed with the launch of my new online wrestling t-shirt store.”

Slogan t-shirts have long been popular with people as a way of sharing their personality and interests with the world through a simple article of clothing. Until recently, people wore what was available—now, thanks to the openness and accessibility of the internet, there has never been such a huge choice for so many people to find a t-shirt that is perfect for them.

“There are some fantastic slogan t-shirts out there,” said Sarah Powell, a writer at the Huffington Post. “and they are usually coming from online and independent stores.” Ms. Powell went on to note that fans are demanding clothes that “scream something, like we do”.

As the corporate overlords who rule the wrestling world continue to create bland promotional t-shirts simply to fill the coffers, more and more fans are turning to stores like The Wrestling Roundup for funny wrestling t-shirts that exhibit a passion as strong as any they love to watch in the ring.

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Love wrestling, bored of the same old, same old corporate t-shirts? The Wrestling Roundup is wrestling fans’ premier online destination for fun and cool shirts with backstage terminology that promote your love of the sport. The Wrestling Roundup also has a podcast and YouTube channel covering all things wrestling.

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