VialCoin; a sure way to grow your cryptocurrency

VialCoin, designed with passion for the greater good

Our cryptocurrency distribution plan works like a universal wage system. This is largely because it is really designed to give on a regular basis, to spread the wealth evenly, constantly, logically, among all its users.

About VialCoin

VialCoin is for individuals ready to multiply their earnings. It is a peer o peer cryptocurrency for honest and faithful individuals.  VialCoin is simply just the only cryptocurrency that has been designed to auto-balance itself, in order to distribute wealth and fight poverty. VialCoin is sure way to combat unemployment.

VialCoin is still in its infancy, however we have a team of expert economist that has helped to analyze the future of the program and ensure that policies are created that would enable its lasting and durability for years to come. Finally, we have a coin that has everyone in mind. Click to find out more.

For a healthy launch campaign, we have 4 million premined out of a total of 84 million crypto coins. We as developers will keep 100.000 coins while the rest will be offered in ICO’s and free giveaways. It is a decentralized account system, this is done to safe guard the interest of every member; owned by all the wallet holders, transparent to the core, Dynamic (a living, pulsating machinery), interactive and with many updates in mind, Vialcoin is set to bring balance in the cryptocurrency world.

Begin work now, and you could be earning a stream of income doing what you like, when you like. VialCoin amongst its will have a user-friendly desktop and mobile app.

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A Registered wallet per user can take part in rewards. You can create more addresses inside it for organizing, but they will all be linked to you. Additionally, you can create anonymous wallets, but they will not receive the weekly rewards.

Media Contact
Company Name: VialCoin
Contact Person: Vasile Bodgan
Phone: +44 0747235040
Country: United Kingdom