The Hairy Truth about Hair Removal

LOS ANGELES, CA – 21 Jul, 2017 – Nearly all women and men deal with some kind of unwanted hair on their bodies. Women are always looking for the smoothest legs while men may be more concerned about the tuft of unsightly hair on their back. With so many products on the market making big promises, it can be hard for consumers to find the right hair removal products. Enter: Hairly There. is a website run by beauty blogger, Meg Sanders. Using her funny, quirky style of writing, Meg reviews some of the top hair removal brands on the market to help consumers cut through the noise and find the product that will work for them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; Meg takes the time to thoroughly review hair removal products for all areas of the body. Very few websites offer in-depth analysis of products like Hairly There. These kinds of honest, personable reviews are important to people before they use a product on their skin. Especially those who plan on doing some maintenance work around the most sensitive areas of their body.

Plus, Hairly There isn’t just about reviews. There are helpful, useful advice about the ingredients to look for in hair removal products as well as things to avoid. All of this can be incredibly helpful information for shoppers who may not be familiar with any of the brands in the hair removal aisle. Click on the “Hair Removal Tips” section for specific tips that will appeal to certain audiences. There are tips for people with sensitive skin, tips for men, tips for hair removal in the bikini area, and more. Best of all, the site continues to grow with more helpful tips and reviews for every skin type. Stay tuned as Hairly There continues to grow and serve the hairy masses.


Meg Sanders has a unique writing style that cuts through the marketing nonsense that hair removal products put forth. Her reviews and tips are helpful, and written in a way that anyone can understand. Meg’s writing is easy and enjoyable to read which is not something you expect when looking for hair removal product reviews. Meg also takes pride in the fact that Hairly There serves both men and women who are looking for the best hair removal product reviews available online.

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