Top Toronto Disability Firm Lands Long-Term Disability Benefits for Client

TORONTO, ON – 21 Jul, 2017 – Toronto’s leading disability law firm, Share Lawyers, is thrilled to announce a win for their client, Alicia, who was denied her long-term disability benefits.
After being held at gunpoint and locked up overnight in her basement, she was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Alicia was taken to the hospital to get checked out, and there were no physical injuries. She was shaken and had difficulties sleeping after the robbery, but her doctor advised that these symptoms will eventually pass; however, they didn’t.

“I couldn’t leave the house,” said Alicia. “I was overcome with fear that it would happen again.”
After being sent to a specialist, it was determined that this incident caused psychological damage, resulting in PTSD. Her doctor advised that Alicia have more time off from work, and therapy to help her cope with her condition. She gathered the necessary documents to apply for long-term disability, but her claim was denied. 
Alicia was shocked. “The insurance company said there wasn’t enough medical evidence to support my PTSD diagnosis, even after I consulted my doctor and a specialist.” The insurance company believed that since she was physically unharmed, she should have been able to get back to work.
After seeing a commercial on TV, Alicia decided to get in contact with Share Lawyers. In collaboration with her medical specialists, the lawyers were able to build a strong case against the insurance company. Alicia was able to get the benefits and the time off that she was entitled to have in the first place, and won her case.
“I’m so glad I got in touch with Share Lawyers,” she said. “Now I can take the time I need off work to prioritize my therapy sessions and recovery.”

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