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Versatile and creative, this may describe the author of multiple books, Cramer Louis Jackson. He is the man behind The Job, The Girls of my Imagination, and The Young Centurion, under his collaboration with Toplink Publishing/Marketing Firm.

His wild imagination enables him to be a prolific writer of fictional stories that cover the topics of unemployment, contemporary literature, historical fiction, and universal themes of love, adventures and survival.

One of his well-received pieces, The Job is about an unemployed Joe who happens to receive a mail one day that changes his life forever. With a mysterious employer, he soon finds himself on top of the world, or so he thinks. With this, he earns an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 on Amazon with reviewers complimenting his writing style and choice of theme. Grady Harp, a Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer says,  “This novel may be short (45 action packed pages) but it demonstrates not only his appreciation for the milieu of the day – the economy displacing millions of capable people form jobs – but also one route of coping with the frustrations of life: fantasy!” Another reviewer opines, “The book, while short in length, could easily serve as the basis for a blockbuster movie. In fact, it appears to have been written with that in mind.”

Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite reviewed his second piece, The Young Centurion, and lauded it sincerely. She says, “It is a well-written book based on the historic period of ancient Rome. Cramer Louis Jackson did a spectacular job in creating his own fiction story while still making the story feel as if it could have really happened in Rome.”

The Girls of my Imagination is Cramer’s unique approach of teasing his readers. How he started and what pushed him to put the story to life is even more mesmerizing. One day, he found himself inside the room full of women, each one aiming to get his attention. They’re all dressed trying to impress him. Then, the lady in green approached him, revealing, ““Cramer, we are the girls of your imagination and of your future. If you don’t write about us, we won’t exist.”  So, Cramer did and fell in love with them. Readers will definitely feel the same.

Cramer Louis Jackson

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The Girls of my Imagination

The Young Centurion

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About the Author

Cramer Louis Jackson grew up in the seaside city of Oceanside, California, and was lucky enough to be surfing the Southern California coast in the years when a person would know just about every surfer on the coast. He became a beach Life Guard and continued in the lifesaving business as a Firefighter for the city of Oceanside. He was awarded the Civilian Silver Medal from the U.S. Coast dangerous riptide. After raising his family he felt the need to write books. Along with writing he is a painter and an inventor, works as an extra in the movies and public speaking. It is his hope that you will enjoy reading this book as much as he enjoyed writing it.

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