Andrew Burch Sets First Mystery Novel in the West

In his debut novel, author Andrew Burch takes his readers on an entertaining ride in the West with a novel that sets a clear division between good and evil, heroes and villains, and of justice and redemption.

Cactus Jumpers is a western fiction that tells the story of a cold-blooded murder in the peaceful town of Emerald. When a woman’s body is found in a lake near the town, Marshall Mason is up for the challenge of bringing justice down even if it means fighting against the town’s leading citizen Moss Williams, the head of the Rancher’s Association, and Skip Traeger, the local business tycoon who owns half the town. He is more than determined to get to the bottom of the biggest mystery the town has ever seen even if he is outnumbered, or is he?

A verified buyer and reviewer on Amazon gives it a 5.0 out 5 rating saying, “The back stories enabled me to see inside the characters. This provided a more rewarding and exciting reading experience. The cliffhanger ending was intense and satisfying. I would recommend Cactus Jumpers to anyone, not just fans of westerns or mysteries.”  The TopBookReviewers compliments his writing style, “The one thing this author writes well about is the interaction between the character’s emotions, feelings, hopes and fears. It is not a cut and dry story. The reader will soon learn that the author has taken his time to add thought provoking situations and morals in his plot. He also uses timing well.”

Andrew Burch’s clear strength is developing the back story of both the major and minor characters of the novel providing  the readers with more rewarding and exciting experiences of seeing the characters inside and out. Kirkus Review states, “The many characters’ histories—Emmett’s career in a Wild West show, Traeger’s rebellion against his father, etc.—are gradually revealed, providing explanations for the plot’s many complexities, and everything comes together in a traditional shootout on the streets of Emerald.” He spends enough time in building the emotional and physical interaction of the characters that help create an intriguing storyline. Burch advises his readers that, “if you read the first 30 pages of this novel, you will want to read more.”

It’s definitely a refreshing western story that evokes Gunsmoke, Bonanza and John Wayne movies. Still, along with the storyline, readers can find a lot of lessons about life. Thus, this is a must- read not only for those who love the West but for readers of varying ages especially to teens who need to stand up for principles, charity, and justice no matter the circumstances.

Andrew J. Burch, CPA 
Cactus Jumpers

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About the Author

Andrew J. Burch, CPA was born in Buffalo, New York and raised in Shelton, Connecticut. His interests varied from sports to classic rock to a well-written novel. The production of his first novel, Cactus Jumpers was heavily influenced by TV shows in 1960s such as The Riflemen, Big Valley, and Gunsmoke (syndication version). Presently, he lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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