Follow Pandas to Tour around Sichuan

The Sichuan in Your Mind Is Different from the Sichuan in Reality?

Sichuan Tourism Information Network officially launches the activity “Follow Pandas to Tour around Sichuan” and invites you to test the difference between the Sichuan in your mind and the Sichuan in reality. Take part in the activity to get Easting Passport, Cool-play Passport, Culture Passport, or Strongest Passport, and then you can obtain a Sichuan travel souvenir! After combined them in to a God Passport, then you can have more chances to get a Ctrip’s gift card worth RMB500. The activity will last to August 15, 2017.

Sichuan, located in the hinterland of southwest China, presumably is famous at home and abroad. For example, when mentioning panda, you know it is from Sichuan; when mentioning face changing, you know it is Sichuan opera; when mentioning the irrigation project that is oldest in the world, you know it is Dujiangyan in Chengdu. But in the long development history of Sichuan, its special culture is more than these aspects. 

Sichuan Tourism Information Network will show the questions about food, folk custom, entertainment, things and places ranking first in Sichuan through the activity website ( to make tourists feel the unique style of Sichuan. Participate in the activity, and then you will have more chances to get a Sichuan travel gift card. The final results will be notified to the prize winners through email on August 16, 2017. Take time to test how much difference between the Sichuan in your mind and the Sichuan in reality is. 

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