Around the world from China, Dr. Fan innovates 21st century painting revolution with Oriental Renaissance and Confucius

Dr. Kenneth Kuanling Fan (i.e. Fan Guang Ling) innovated World Painting Revolution with Oriental Renaissance; First One In The World Recompiled Confucius’S Books. He claimed that with the increasing weight of the East; it’s time for the rising of an Oriental Renaissance and Painting Revolution.

July 19, 2017 Dr. Kenneth Kuanling Fan, an alumnus of NYUCCNY and Columbia Universitya former professor and/or computer man at IBMCSUUSUSMCUSA stood with people near the Shanghai Bundwatching the Pudong new skyscraperspeople all around the world, and water of Huangpu River running fast by.

Dr. Fan, the old scholar, survived through all the sad wars breezed deeply with tears and said

“I’ll complete the three wishes of my life before I die! All my life I want nothing but Oriental Renaissance, World Painting Revolution and Confucius’ “general love and peace for the world.”

Many joined him reading Confucius’s Book of Filial Piety 101 Words with tears too. And they chanted“LovePeaceInnovation and Oriental Renaissancewith this worldwide striving old gentleman.


Top left: France top newspaper Le Figaro“Grands Artistes Le Dr Kuanling Fan ”. Top rightUS and Japan news “Most Admired Man of the Decade. Dr. Kenneth Kuanling Fan”. Lower Left Oakland TribuneRenaissance Man pays Oakland a peace visit. Dr. Kenneth Kuanling Fan. Lower right: San Francisco Chronicle: Taiwan computer guru crusades for peace. Kenneth Kuanling Fan

Book of filial piety 101 words

(original 1903 words)

Chinese by confucius and Dr. Kuanling fan

English translation by Dr. Kuanling fan, Dr. Benjamin yuzon, Dr. Ronald shaferDr. Natica angilly, etc.

Filial peity is the root of morality. Those who love parents dare not hate others; those who respect parents dare not snub others. Though high without danger enjoys being high long; filled up without overflow enjoys richness long. Words over the world without faults; deeds over the world without hatred. Be prudent and frugal to take care of parents. Wise kings and leaders manage with filial peity. The way to love parents are: to respect in residence; to please in living. To serve parents mean in higher position without arrogance; in lower position without problem-causing; in undesirable position without conflicts.

Dr. Fan’s father Dr. Yuan Sheng Fan was President Chiang Kai-Shek’s high ranking officer and preparing materials for President Chiang to communicate with US and other presidents, and his mother Dr. Go Yi Lee was Madam Chiang’s close friend. Since Dr. Fan was very young he had the chance to learn beginning paintings from Chinese painting masters as Xu Beihong and Zhang Daqian.Both of his daughters were well educated in the States: Dr. Daisy Fan earned PhD from University of Texas, Austin; while the younger one Peggy Fan earned MBA from NYSU, Stony Brooks.

In 1949 young Dr. Fan left Shanghai with his parentsfollowing Chiang Kai Shek to Taiwan.  After graduation from National Taiwan UniversityDr. Fan became President Chiang Kai Shek’s English translating officer.

While studying in NYU, impressed by Dr. Peter Drucker’s lectures, he worked at a restaurant as part time dishwasher. There he cooked up 3 wishes for life:

1. Lead the first delegation from Taiwan to China mainland for peace, general love and culture.

2. Bringing innovative thinkings to China.

3. Oriental Renaissance and the revival of culture and art.

1988 Dr. Fan led the first ice-breaking delegation from Taiwan to Chinaafter 40-year separation. He was respected as the man of Oriental Renaissance. He was also quoted by Chinese high school textbook as the father of computer in China. And he was respected as the founder of “poetic oil painting” – the innovation that integrates Chinese “Poetry + Painting art philosophy with Western oil painting directly on the canvas.

A little while ago Dr. Fan KuanlingDr. James P. WangProf.   Francico CorreggiaDr. Novin Afrouz innovated WORLD PAINTING REVOLUTIONMulticultural EducationOriental Renaissance meets Western Renaissance in Italy. Dr. Fan just came back from a multicultural painting exhibition through MilanoSwitzerland and Dubai with honor. Dr. Fan had good contacts in art and cultures with President George BushPresident Fidel RamosPresident Valéry Marie René Georges Giscard d’EstaingHis Majesty King Bhumibol AdulyadejHis Majesty King Norodom Sihanoukand President Lech Walesaetc.    

Dr. Fan Kuanling, as the Oriental Renaissance man, the president of the first World Congress of Poets in China ‘s 5000-year history, becoming the first one, supported by the Chinese Governmentrecompiled Confucius’ books from thousands of words to 101 words each. so that most of the people can understand. Such as:   “Book of Filial Piety 101 Words” from original 1903 words; “The Analects of Confucius 101 Words” from 13700 words“Mencius 101 Words” from 34685 Words; “ConfuciusBig Learning 101 Words from 1753 Words; “ConfuciusThe Middle Theory 101 Words” from 3568 Words.

Also as the first one in Chinese history, Dr. Fan is the one who broke the ice between two sides of China. He is also the Father of Computer in China,father of Poetic Oil Painting in the world , as well as the pioneer in 21th century Painting Revolution. Dr. Fan was admired internationally as one of the ten grand painters in China;as well as one of the twelve grand painters in the modern worldas Paul Gauguin,Paul Cézanne,Pablo Picasso,Francis Bacon,Jackson Pollock,Willem de Kooning,Vincent Willem van Gogh,Claude Monet,Edvard Munch,Kenneth Kuanling Fan,Henri Matisse,Gustav Klimt. From China, Dr. Fan’s works will be a special gift to the 21st century of the world.

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