Nexals presents a new way of networking through digital business cards

Skyla International Ltd has announced the launch of their new business and networking card application, Nexals. The Company is referring to their app as the future of networking, as it provides users with a unique way to stay connected with the latest details on their clients and customers. Unlike paper business cards, Nexals allows users to update their information at any time, following which their new details are pushed to their entire network.

Nexals enables users to create digital cards with significantly more information than paper cards, with details including name, title, company, multiple phones (work, mobile), e-mail and office addresses and social media profiles.The card can be shared internally using the Nexals platform through unique QR and ID identifiers as well as through a Nearby function for users attending conferences and networking events.Nexals also allows users to share their card via e-mail, text amongst others, to connect with individuals not yet on the platform.

For those users who have collected significant numbers of paper business cards, Nexals provides a Card Scan feature which digitises paper cards by scanning, converting the image to text and saving the details as a new contact, thereby saving users time, paper and effort.This enables users to organise their existing network without having to store numerous paper business cards in their wallet, in the office and at home.

The app is available for free on all iOS platforms, with additional features enabled once users upgrade to the premium subscription.

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