Have you ever been dissatisfied by the services of real estate agents? Do you wish to get the best deal when it comes to owning a home for you and your loved ones? Then put a smile on your face as THE REAL ESTATE AGENT HEADHUNTER® arrives on the 21st of July to put an end to the commonly sad tales of getting the wrong real estate agent for your home purchase or sale.


When it comes to buying and selling homes, savvy consumers can now get introduced to top Agents in their local marketplaces suited to the Consumer’s specific needs –  in ways they never could before! Discover the launch of a new brand of service in the real estate industry that specializes in Agent-to-Consumer interviews with the highest level of quality in service. This week, we learned about THE REAL ESTATE AGENT HEADHUNTER® – for Consumers and wanted to tell you all about it.

Going online today, one will notice that there are an infinite number of services that connect realty experts with Consumers. There are also many opportunities for Consumers to find Agents on their own. The greatest need, however, is a real estate service that performs the work of connecting people with Agents whose professional style will serve the home-buyers and home-sellers in the best way possible. This new agent locator service drastically reduces the time, costs, and energy associated with finding a great agent.

Using two distinct interviewing options, this company assists people with sifting through immense lists of Real Estate Agents and their services. The scope of these options include markets in all 50 states and is available to people in all home value categories. Savvy consumers are constantly looking for ways to make their buying and selling efforts as equitable as possible. Unfortunately, spending the time and energy to just locate the right Agent before any dealings can leave people exhausted before the home buying or selling process even begins.

Both the U-Interview and WE-Interview options close the time and hassle gaps. For home buyers and sellers with property values over $250,000, the WE-Interview pinpoints an agent that has the time on its docket to give needed attention to the Consumer’s specific project. Having a free service that requires no immediate commitment to locate just the right Agent saves a great deal of stress and time. The U-Interview allows sellers to utilize a locator portal to conduct their own research. Either option desegregates agents and homeowners like no other service can.

To get started taking advantage of this convenient new time-saving service this year for Consumers who need to partner with the right Agents, “Like” The Real Estate Headhunter® Facebook page by first visiting Following this page will provide consumers with grand opening announcements and a VIP invite to an Online Grand Launch Party. This exciting new service launch coincides with many buying and selling needs of homeowners across the country. Whether your preference is just an introduction or receiving the full service of a prepared interview, there is now a way to find the Agent’s attention your buying and selling plans deserve!

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