Nicotine Salts and a New Way To Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

LOS ANGELES, CA – 23 Jul, 2017 – Solace Vapor, A Los Angeles based technology startup is seeing explosive sales growth with hundreds of thousands of their products flying off shelves internationally. The California based startup launched a line of liquid based nicotine salt products, which are designed to help smokers quit using conventional combustible cigarette products.  

Unlike the E-Cigarettes and vape devices you find at your local gas station, Solace Vapor sells their product in a liquid format allowing users to fill their E-cigarettes and or vape devices directly with their nicotine salts.  The product is more affordable than buying a pack of regular cigarettes and Solace Vapor claims that it eliminates a number of the carcinogens associated with conventional combustible cigarette products.  

Known as Nicotine Salts, Solace Vapor’s products have an altered PH balance, which makes their products capable of replicating a similar experience a normal cigarette smoker has using combustible cigarettes–minus having to actually smoke one.  This distinguishing factor in Solace Vapor’s nicotine allows the company to compete with big tobacco products in a whole new way.  Solace Vapor’s customers simply buy one of the smaller vape devices available at local tobacco shops and or gas stations and then fill the pods belonging to those devices with one of Solace Vapor’s flavors.  This simplified process, combined with a number of different wide ranging flavors and substantially better pricing has caused Solace Vapor to grow month over month as a company.  

Solace Vapor’s explosive growth comes as regulations on the “vape” industry are at a tipping point, as many vape product manufacturers face overwhelming regulations (PMTA’s) with high regulatory costs, testing fees, and taxes that will most likely force  most of these small businesses to close.  Solace Vapor is hoping to take the battle to big Tobacco’s doorstep by garnering widespread support and proving that their product is a viable and less harmful product in comparison to conventional cigarettes.  

To learn more about how Solace Vapor is trying to take on big tobacco and or it’s award winning nicotine salts you can visit them at:

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