Kuester Management Encourages Email Newsletters to Improve HOA Communication

Kuester Management Group outlines benefits of implementing an email newsletter program in HOA communities.

One of the top priorities in managing an effective homeowners association is communication. When managers, board members, and homeowners are not on the same page, that is when many problems emerge. These issues can often be mitigated by engaging in regular communication about HOA rules, regulations, events, meetings, and more. Kuester Management Group has released a statement to the press regarding the benefits of HOA boards using an email newsletter program to keep everyone abreast of recent news and changes.

“Clear, consistent communication is essential in any HOA,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Oftentimes complaints and violations occur when community members are not well informed. They may not realize they’re violating a rule or may be unsure about where to find the information they need. Introducing a community email newsletter program can save time, improve communication, and enhance relationships.”

One of the valuable services that Kuester offers communities is assistance with creating and distributing digital newsletters. Board members can focus their efforts on more pressing issues and entrust newsletter content and delivery to their property manager. Property managers collaborate with the board, use homeowner feedback, and monitor developments or changes within the community to target important information that will be included. They also manage and update email lists to ensure homeowners are receiving communications.

Another benefit to email newsletters, notes Kuester, is that it tackles the age-old complaint of homeowners in that they want more communication and to be informed. Keeping members in the loop and up-to-date on what is happening where they live allows them to be more involved. It also helps to boost compliance with rules and regulations because homeowners have a better understanding of expectations and why certain requirements are in place.

“Many of the communities we manage have found these communications to be very beneficial,” says Kuester. “It saves time for the board and ensures that newsletters will be sent out on a regular basis to keep homeowners informed of the latest information. They are tailored to each community’s needs and help improve homeowner education while providing polite reminders.”

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