Premium Vape juice for $22.99 is now offered in an upsized bottle for the vape juice lovers worldwide.

Elk Grove, CA – July 24, 2017 – Vape Milk has announced that it is offering a wide range of flavors for its premium Vape Juice for the vape lovers across the US. The California based company is using the premium ingredients and flavors to create the best vape juice available in the market today. The Vape juices offered by Vape milk have milk, dessert, and cream based flavors instead of actual milk. Recently, Vape milk has announced that the premium Vape juice will be sold for only $22.99 when the standard price of the premium juice is $60 in retail.

“We are proudly presenting the best vape juice you will get in the US, and all our collection is available in stock on our website,” said the spokesperson of Vape Milk. “We are dedicatedly putting our best efforts in manufacturing the best and most amazing flavor of vape that you can get in today’s market,” he added. The 100% clean and lab made of 120 ml vape juice is being sold at such a low price is amazing, and vape users have loved the 120 ml offer.

Some of the flavors offered by the company include Melt Premium eJuice, Paris Premium eJuice, Lush Premium eJuice, Pink Haze Premium eJuice, Rio Premium eJuice, Blue Dream eJuice, Peaches & Cream eJuice, Cin City, Orange Dream and Milk/Honey eJuice and much more. The orders received by vape milk are from all across the nation and take around 3-5 business days for shipping.

In addition, the company has been given some of the most phenomenal reviews and feedback from its customers. An overwhelming majority of satisfied customers have shared their experiences with the company and have declared it the best manufacturer of Vape Juice in America. Vaporizer manufacturers have also recommended vape milk above all the other vape juice manufacturers that is a major achievement in the industry by vape milk. Young women along with men have appreciated the quality, taste, and fragrance of each juice and have recommended it to their friends and colleagues.

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Vape Milk is made in the USA and dedicated to premium ingredients and flavors. Their blends are based on milk, dessert, and cream based flavors.

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