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24 July, 2017 – It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting start-ups to global brands, companies are reaching out to digital agencies, responding to the new possibilities available. However, the industry is fast becoming overcrowded, heaving with agencies offering similar services — on the surface, at least. Therefore every business desiring a real growth needs to get their marketing strategies from an expert in the business. One of such expert is Ahmed El Dabaja.

In an age of resource constraints and budget freezes, going outside to a marketing agency is not always possible for a client, posing the question, how do clients get their in-house marketing team to be as efficient as an agency without having to resort to outsourcing?

Ahmed El Dabaja wrote – ‘The in-house marketing team – marketing agency divide is as old as marketing and seemingly as impermeable as a granite cliff.  Yet, the emergence of inbound content and social media marketing has seen some cracks appear in the edifice that separates the two streams of marketing practice’.

Ahmed El Dabaja Continues “In the “Golden Age” of agencies, in-house client teams were effectively service teams connecting and often translating their external agency with their internal client. Marketing agencies dominated strategy, media placement, production, and the creative side of the business while the in-house marketing team managed internal scheduling, budgets, and reporting.

As disruptive as this disaggregation experience was for the marketing agency, it left them with a lasting legacy of lessons well learned which an in-house marketing team looking to lift their performance to the next level would do well to emulate.

Ahmed El Dabaja believes adopting the practices and disciplines of a marketing agency could drive the efficiency of an in-house marketing team: Passion For Profitability, Cross Functional Teams, Time Management & Tracking, Productive Meetings

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Ahmed El Dabaja has a wide and varying knowledge of many different disciplines, having worked in numerous roles for digital agencies. His focus is on driving business growth using inbound marketing strategies.

Ahmed El Dabaja believes adopting the practices and disciplines of a marketing agency could drive the efficiency of an in-house marketing team

To learn more about him please visit www.ahmedeldabaja.com

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