Hackler Plumbing in McKinney Debunks Common Myths on What Can Go Down the Garbage Disposal

McKinney, Texas – Hackler Plumbing aims to educate McKinney residents on what they can and cannot put in their garbage disposal. This Texas plumbing company also wants to teach their customers about what they should do to avoid common plumbing calls.

Hackler Plumbing, one of McKinney’s leading reliable plumbing companies, knows how hard it is to encounter plumbing issues. Rather than just picking from a plumbing company that Google search gives, they assure their customers that calling them is one of the best decisions they will ever make. Customer Andy said, “Hacklers plumbers are punctual, thorough, and fairly priced. I will highly recommend them for a job well done.” Another customer commends the plumbing company because of their transparency, saying, “Great rates and no hidden fees, their service is also top notch and professional.”

This McKinney plumber does not only offer competitive rates, but they also want their customers to save a few dollars where possible. Hackler Plumbing has listed a few items that people should not dump in their garbage disposal. The top three items are celery, coffee grounds, and eggshells. These items, when disposed of in the garbage disposal, may lead to expensive and unnecessary repair fees. The celery’s fibrous strings can get tangled in the disposal’s blades causing it to malfunction; thus, will result in expensive replacement. This plumbing company believes that McKinney residents and neighboring towns can avoid common yet pricey plumbing service calls by being mindful of what they put in their disposal.

Hackler Plumbing also provides another specialized service for their customers, and that is repairing hot water heaters. They know how difficult it is to enjoy a relaxing, warm bath when the water heater conks out. Rather than have an amateur fix the water heater, make sure to hire a plumbing professional, such as Hackler Plumbing, to do the work and avoid the damage it may cause should one choose to DIY. This is because water heaters are often use gas lines that need to be looked at by a well-trained and professional plumber who can pull a permit.

Hackler Plumbing is located at 4450 Co Rd 411 McKinney, Texas. Hackler Plumbing can be reached by phone at (214) 585-1499, by email at info@hacklerplumbing.com, or via their website at http://hacklerplumbingmckinney.com. Hackler Plumbing is a reliable and honest plumber that residents from McKinney can rely on.

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