3D Prostate treatment Begins Looking To Treat Early Stage Prostate Cancer

3D Prostate treatment looks to educate individuals on early prostate cancer signals for better treatment

When looking at prostate cancer, the 2014 World Cancer Report estimated that there were over 1.1 million of new cases of prostate cancer diagnoses. The report also stated that prostate cancer accounted for 307,000 deaths of patients in 2014. Many of those who died were people who did not get proper treatment or waited too long to seek medical attention. According to the national cancer institute 99% of males in the United States who were diagnosed early and received medical attention were able to survive after 5 years, most being cancer free. For early treatment to be done men must know the early signs of prostate cancer. The 3D Prostate treatment out of the 3D Urology and Prostate clinic is a world leader in prostate cancer treatment and research, but today the lab has announced a new initiative in educating men about the early signs and signals of prostate cancer.

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Cancer is best treated during its earliest stages. Catching cancer early stops the growth and formation of tumors which are caused by irregular cell growth. Each second cells divide, cancer cells are not controlled like normal cells, the more that grow the more that need to be killed. Early stage cancer treatments need to kill less cells leaving less side effects and quicker results. In China men are often insecure about seeing a doctor about a routine prostate check and if they do not know the symptoms a tumor could grow without them realizing. The 3D Prostate treatment is looking to fix this by educating men about the symptoms of prostate cancer. By understanding the symptoms men can catch the disease early and get help at the 3D Urology and Prostate clinic. The 3D Prostate clinic has developed 3D prostate targeted treatment that is an alternative to chemo, surgery, and radiation therapy. The treatment by Dr. Xinping Song and his team looks to treat the cancer directly while trying to avoid the apoptosis of healthy, non-cancerous cells.

Signs and symptoms for prostate cancer can be hard to see until early tumor growth, however once a tumor starts to develop in its early stages we see some prominent symptoms. Early tumor growth will create a pressure to urinate causing frequent urination. This frequent urination is often most common during the night time hours. The urge to urinate will be strong and sudden, this means that men will go from not feeling like they have to urinate to a feeling of a full bladder. When men are finally in the bathroom and urinating they will have a trouble beginning urination because of blockages caused by the tumor. The growth of the tumor not only causes a slow start but the blockage can slow down how much urine is released. This slow release or urine can cause an individual to not get all of his urine out. Urine passing the blockage may create a burning sensation and this can even lead to blood in the urine. Sexual dysfunction is another early warning of prostate cancer. Individuals with prostate cancer will often have trouble getting aroused and having an erection. When an erection is met the patient could find sexual intercourse painful especially when they ejaculate. There is often blood in semen for those with prostate cancer. Other symptoms and early signs of prostate cancer include, stiff bones, weakness in the legs, the inability to control bowels, a hankering cough/shortness of breath.

Patients who notice any of these symptoms should get checked by their physician immediately for a prostate exam. The 3D prostate treatment based out of the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic in Xiangtan China is also able to treat prostate cancer. The clinic is made up of both research and treatment of prostate cancer, the goal of the lab is to treat prostate cancer without having to deal with chemo, radiation, and surgery because of their side effects. The 3D Prostate clinics developed a 3D prostate targeted treatment that it says cannot only detect prostate cancer but treat it effectively with little side effects.  The 3D in the name of the treatment signifies three criteria that the treatment follows. First patients undergo a determination phase, here the patient undergoes excessive testing to find the cause of their prostate problem. Everything from physical testing, blood work, and sampling of cells is done to determine if a patient has prostate cancer. If prostate cancer is found the lab moves to the destruction phase. During the destruction phase, the patient is given a patent pending formula developed by the Song Lab. Needles of the formula are injected into the site of the tumor allowing it to induce apoptosis of cancer cells. The formula does little to no damage to healthy cells allowing for less side effects (like those found in chemo or radiation therapy). The destruction phase goes for multiple rounds until tests show all cancer cells have been eliminated. Once the cancer has been destroyed the next stage of treatment is the discharge phase. Any cell waste and calcification caused by the death of cancer cells will be removed during the discharge phase. A specially designed therapeutic will be injected into the prostate and discharge will be released during urination.

Early treatment of cancer is the best way to stop its spread and ensure that recovery is not only fast but possible. The 3D Prostate clinics started to educate people in China and those who read their website about the early stage signs of prostate cancer. The hope is to not only educate people but to have them come in immediately when symptoms appear for treatment. 

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