Singer Jeff Ray Releases “Somebody’s Cryin” Music Video About Suicide Prevention

A tireless advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention, Jeff Ray’s new music video was shot as a tribute to his late friend and to raise consciousness for the cause.

When singer Jeff Ray lost his close friend to suicide, he was inspired to use his music to reach out and help others suffering with depression.  In collaboration with  I.M.P. Music PR,  Ray has announced the release of his new music video “Somebody’s Cryin”, a song written by his dear friend James Greathouse, who he’d played music with for years.  The video is a tribute to the writer, who took his own life August 16th, 2015.


According to The World Health Organization (WHO) approximately one million people commit suicide each year worldwide. That equates to about one death every 40 seconds or 3,000 per day.  Jeff Ray is an outspoken advocate for suicide prevention, and his new music video is meant to reach out and provide positivity and hope for those that find themselves in similar circumstances.  This a very personal video and song for Jeff, and is the featured single for his upcoming solo album “Our Little Town”.

“I started playing at 14 and taught myself to play. I was hooked. I like anything with strings but I’m a guitar player,” says Ray.  “The Our Little Town album is a cross-boundary project…there’s rock, country…it’s Americana.”

Ray was always surrounded by music in his adolescence, and he spent hours mastering different songs on guitar throughout high school.  By the time he graduated, he’d already played dozens of shows and went on for the next few years playing and producing eclectic music projects across the Eastern United States.

In ’96, Jeff moved with his good friend Brian Butter to Los Angeles to form their new musical vision,  but after months of not finding the right musicians and running into dead ends, they decided that West Virginia would be the area to form the style of band they had in mind.  Back home, they formed Mo’ Bigley along with a handful of friends/veteran musicians from around the area.  Once the group was together, they gained momentum quickly and played shows for several years up and down the East Coast.  “Mo’ Bigley is probably my favorite band I’ve ever played in. We had a magical chemistry and sense of brotherhood,” said Jeff.  He still plays songs today that were written back during the Mo’ Bigley era.

Somebody’s Cryin touches on a subject that is easier for most to ignore than to face.  James’ family gave Jeff their blessing to cut a single and a video about this powerful story, and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention gave their full backing and support as well.  “There’s a real deep sadness involved with suicide, especially when it’s someone close to you that you love,” says the singer.  “There is also regret… knowing you could have somehow prevented it.”

Jeff Ray’s video is heartfelt, sad, haunting, and beautiful, and hopes to share a message of compassion with those in need, or those that might know someone who needs help.  Fans of John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, Gary Allan, or just good ol’ country coated rock n’ roll, will more than appreciate this talented musician’s latest effort. 

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About Jeff Ray:

Jeff Ray is a rock-and-roll and country singer/musician. He worked in Nashville with recording artist Troy Olsen who had two country top 40 hits including “Summer Thing” and “Good Hands”.  After touring, Jeff returned to West Virginia until getting the call to play for the Locash Cowboys who co-wrote Keith Urban’s “You Gonna Fly” and Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah”.  He toured with the Locash Cowboys playing shows all over the United States and parts of Europe. He eventually returned to West Virginia to start his own band and pursue his own career of singing, playing guitar, and songwriting.



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