The Cursed Basin Looks to Scare Up Real Life Historical Lessons

There are rumblings that the next breakout horror movie is set to start filming next year with a release likely in late next year.  The Cursed Basin, is a story based on a popular Chinese folklore character mixed with historical facts set during the Chinese immigration in California during the 1800s.  The project centers on an unsolved murder during Imperial Chinese times that extends through the turbulent times of the anti-Chinese immigration movement in the late 1800s and concludes in present times. 

This type of film has rarely been undertaken because it centers heavily on understanding Chinese culture and heritage.  The Peking opera spans over a thousand years and the heart of the film centers on terrifying characters that is based on these actual folklore characters.  Ghost  is set to direct the feature that comes from the creative mind of Beijing Opera.  The film is currently in pre-production and will likely be released in next year. 

Jingai Li, is the other creative force behind the project.  Her awe-inspiring designs and bone chilling visual characters is what could take this project over the top and become the biggest hit for a Chinese-inspired horror film to date.  Jingai does an excellent job blending Chinese historical life with horrific characters that can scare audiences in all walks of life and backgrounds.  Her rich and vibrant characters are a testament to her understanding of not only Chinese culture but present cinematic consumers as well. It is unclear who will ultimately star in this vehicle but if the originality of the script and the amazing visuals are any indication, there will be no shortage of interested actors. 

Without giving too much of the plot away, Aaron’s script and Jinai’s visual effects really bring life in this village to the screen.  If initial graphic designs and visuals of the characters are any indication, this movie will scare up audiences and be a prominent feature in Halloween costume aisles for years to come.  The film is aiming for release next year.

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