Pierre Rehov’s Latest Masterpiece, ‘Unveiling Jerusalem’, Goes in Search of a Temple and the Truth

USA – July 24, 2017 – Following UNESCO’s controversial decision to rename the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, celebrated documentary maker Pierre Rehov has announced his latest and yet another remarkable piece of work, ‘Unveiling Jerusalem’. Illustrated by never seen before images and 3D animations as well as testimonies from clerics, politicians and experts, the film will soon be available to the public on multiple networks.

‘Unveiling Jerusalem’ is not merely another documentary, but a valuable visual document that shows the intimate connection of the Temple Mount to the three monotheistic religions of the world. Based on facts and interviews with well known scholars, historians and archaeologists, the documentary is a journey through time in search of the cultural heritage of Israel. It is also visually enticing, giving a clear picture of the two Temples and their interiors in the backdrop of a spirit of tolerance and peace.

The renaming of the Temple Mount to its Arabic name “Haram Al Sharif”, as well as the Wailing Wall to “Al Buraq wall” raises important questions. UNESCO’s renaming act also denies, despite evidence to the contrary, any connection of Jews and Christians with the most sacred place, the Temple Mount. Its resolution also describes Jerusalem as an occupied territory.

Rehov’s new work goes in search of Solomon’s and Herod’s Temples. It delves deeper into the question of whether the temples are merely legends concocted, as the Palestinian Authority claims, or whether they did exist on what used to be called the Temple Mount, as described in Jewish, Christian and Muslim scriptures.

Pierre Rehov has been described by Dr Phyllis Chesler, Professor Emeritus of psychology, a Middle East Forum fellow and author, as “a resistance fighter [who] resists the Islamist propaganda wars against Israel, the Jews, and the West by making films that document the truth.” Through ‘Unveiling Jerusalem’, Rehov has taken another step towards his ultimate aim: to find a real path to peace and harmonious coexistence. He 2008, he was embedded in the US 4th cavalry in Iraq, being the first French reporter to cover the conflict from the US side.

Born in Algeria, Rehov forayed into unmasking lies and propaganda as no one else has done before. His previous works include celebrated documentaries such as ‘The Road to Jenin’, ‘Silent Exodus’, “Suicide Killers” which was considered for an academy award, ‘From the River to the Sea’ (best documentary at the Liberty Film Festival in 2006), ‘The Path to Darkness’, ‘Beyond Deception Strategy’ and ‘War crimes in Gaza’.

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Documentary trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W46F-vEXqP0

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