Integrated Controller for DIY Bluetooth Speaker Builders

A new and fast growing movement of DIYer’s and Makers are building their own custom portable Bluetooth speakers. Some are retrofitting and upcycling old classic speaker boxes, some are building sleek and stylish new speakers out of wood, and some are even building speakers from old suitcases.

To support this new Maker movement, Sublime Acoustic is introducing what we believe is the world’s first fully integrated ‘Portable Speaker Controller’. What’s a Portable Speaker Controller? You might ask. It’s a plate mounted module that includes all of the electronics that you’d find between the battery and the speaker drivers. It has a high fidelity Bluetooth audio module, a DSP for complex audio signal processing, a powerful Class-D audio amplifier, and a 250W Lithium-Ion based power supply. The speaker builder need only connect a Lithium-Ion Battery on one end, and a set of speaker drivers on the other end. The PSC-250 does the rest. No specialized knowledge of electronics is required.

Our new controller, which we’re calling the PSC-250, was engineered from the ground up to produce the highest audio quality imaginable. It has an AAC capable Bluetooth audio module, which allows streaming of the highest bit rate AAC all the way to the amplifier, not the low quality and poor sounding SBC codec most Bluetooth speakers use. It has a double precision DSP chip to handle processing of the 24dB Linkwitz-Riley active crossovers, 15 band equalizer, time delay correction, and more. It has TI’s finest Class-D amplifier with .03% THD+N and >100dB SNR.  And to power it all it has an ultra clean two-phase 250W DC/DC boost converter to let the PSC-250 reach a total available audio power rating of 250W RMS.

The PSC-250 allows one to build a portable Bluetooth speaker that rivals and even surpasses the audio quality and power of any of the world’s highest end portables costing upwards of $1500 or more. It has the power needed to provide deep, warm bass that can fill an entire house and even shake the walls. It can produce highs that are so precise and complex you’ll feel like the musicians are right there in the room with you. Audio so crystal clear and detailed you’ll hear fingers hitting the frets, and singers taking breaths between the lines. You’ll begin to hear the smallest nuances in your music that you never knew were there.

To give you an idea of what this kind of power can give you, our prototype speaker can produce sound at up to 105dB SPL. That’s about midway between a jackhammer and a jet engine on the loudness scale. And even at this level, the audio is brilliant and clear, with no hint of distortion. And this is from a battery powered, fully portable speaker, so you can take this kind of power anywhere you need it. Now, you may never need this kind of power. But the extra head room afforded makes even lower volume audio sound better. Even the deepest transients are easily and accurately reproduced.

And for all you buskers out there, we’ll be offering an optional version that also includes high fidelity guitar and microphone jacks to allow you to build a powerful, high quality portable busker amp.

The PSC-250 represents the culmination of an 18 month period of development, testing, refining, and cost reduction of all of the internal subsystems. We’ve had beta prototype speakers in the field for over ten months with extremely positive feedback. We’ve gained a great deal of insight from our beta testers and we’ve incorporated this knowledge into our final version.  The latest PSC-250 hardware 100% functional, it just needs a final clean-up pass on the PCB design. We’re currently in the final phases of code development and alpha testing. We’ll soon embark on a final beta test phase.

We plan to launch the PSC-250 on Kickstarter in the very near future.

We also welcome OEM inquiries.

Please support us in our efforts to bring the PSC-250 to production by visiting our pre-launch page at Please contact us or add your name to our mailing list and we’ll send you updates.

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