Announcing the Ordination of Joshua K Obeng-Nyarko

Joshua K Obeng-Nyarko, a church pastor in London is to be ordained as a minister of God.

An important event is to take place this year which will see an academic and a church pastor ordained as a minister of God. Pastor Joshua K Obeng-Nyarko, who is a professional accountant and an academic, is a Christian who is on a mission to spread the word of God. His ordination into priesthood will take place on August 20th 2017, at God’s Covenant Chapel, Myatts Field Centre, 24 Crawshay Road, London SW9 6FZ

The ceremony would be officiated by two important  Bishops,  Bishop Craig Rogers, the founder and President of Harvest International Ministries USA, and Bishop Samuel Yeboah-Boafo, founder, Redemption Life Ministries London, and witnessed by many senior Apostolic and Charismatic clergies of the Christian community UK.

“As a transition process of consecrating my life to the service of God, this will be a very humbling moment in my life, and I wish to share it with my family and friends,” said Joshua

Joshua K Obeng-Nyarko, an Apostolic Pastor, is the founder of a newly established Bible teaching ministry in London; God’s Covenant Chapel. The church was inaugurated on the 5 February 2016. His aim is to bring God into people’s lives through different mediums. 


The new Christian church, God’s Covenant Chapel brings a new thing to the Christian table. The main stay is the direct and effective teaching of the scripture to members and the public. We aim to move away from too much spiritual entertainment to spiritual knowledge fulfilment so that the Christian would enjoy a good relationship with God. Anyone can find us at or God covenant Chapel Facebook site.

Recognising the importance of the internet in people’s lives these days, Joshua has sought to make use of it to advance the course of his mission to spread the gospel.

Joshua has also set up an internet radio station called LTC Radio (Let’s Talk Christ Radio) with the sole aim of helping Christians all over the world connect with their maker through regular prayer sessions and inspiring messages. This is a nonesuch radio for Christ, in that we not only ask people to listen to gospel messages and music, we invite everyone to phone or dial in the programmes.

“We have live prayer sessions every morning from 5.00 – 7.00.” This is already blessing many listeners. Anyone can connect to the radio station via, Tunein App (LTC Radio) and LTC radio Facebook. All these are free to access.

“The ordination ceremony marks a turning point in my life and I am very happy to announce to the world. The process provides a physical dimension to the spiritual encounter with God, and because I am going to work with and among people, it is important that I can be accepted by my peers” said Joshua.

For more details about Joshua K Obeng-Nyarko and his church, please visit

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