Get Back on the Health Track with M+S Fitness’ Brand New DVD and CD

“Fitness to Boney M Tunes” and “Fitness Tribute to Boney M” are a pair of 60-minute home exercise fitness program launched by M+S Fitness that is sure to get every sedentary person moving!

M+S Fitness is a team of two (Maria and Sharon) fitness instructors with 35 years of combined teaching experience. The team has created a 60-minute home exercise fitness program DVD with re-recorded music CD of BoneyM. Check out the promo video of the program here.

The exercises introduced in this program are for those who are keen on training predominantly in their home environment. Like any good exercise plan, this program is focusing on improvement of general cardiovascular health and fitness.

In the modern era of sedentary jobs, an active lifestyle and healthy diet is very important for everyone in order to prevent disease and illnesses. This fitness program by M+S Fitness targets people over thirty years of age who have no time to go to the gym or have never even been to one,. It exclusively caters to those who have never exercised before but want to start.

According to the team, “We have created this program for those who have little motivation, who are scared or intimidated to start a gym class.” They further add, “If you prefer home exercise like many stay-at-home folks who like gentle and moderate movement, then this is perfect for you!”

The easy-to-follow, no-equipment-needed bodyweight exercise program is based on two products, namely a DVD titled “Fitness to Boney M Tunes” and a CD titled “Fitness Tribute to Boney M”. The star guest on this program is Sheila Bonnick who is a founding member of the BoneyM. According to the team, “The fabulous music is re-recorded in a cool and funky fitness version. It’s uplifting and gives a really good mood.” The downloadable version of the music is available in every major stores (download here).

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