The World’s Top Selling Raspberry Pi Robot, GoPiGo, gets a Major Upgrade

GoPiGo3 and it’s new software, DexterOS, is the easiest way to learn to program a Raspberry Pi robot.

Washington, D.C. – July 24, 2017 – Dexter Industries, maker of the world’s best selling Raspberry Pi robots, releases their latest version of the GoPiGo, a robot car. Not only is the new GoPiGo3 robot easy to build, more durable and more versatile than ever, it comes with a whole new operating system, DexterOS, designed specifically for learning how to program robots intuitively.

Dexter Industries developed a new drag-and-drop language called Bloxter. It is similar to Scratch and built off of Google’s Blockly. DexterOS has free built-in lessons in Bloxter enabling anyone, at any skill level, to program the GoPiGo robot. Then they can take their knowledge to the next level by programming in a text-based language, Python, all within the same software.

Build, code and create. These are the three main principles around the GoPiGo3 and DexterOS. GoPiGo3 comes in a box with all the parts needed to build the robot alongside videos and step-by-step instructions online. The robot broadcasts a wifi network, so users can connect easily and quickly with their computer, tablet or smartphone — and doesn’t require downloading anything onto a device. Getting started is fast and intuitive, with the look and feel of playing with a phone app.  The GoPiGo3 includes an entire learning section comprised of more than 30 quick challenges, teaching users the fundamental concepts of programming and engineering. 

GoPiGo3 is designed to excite and motivate students of all ages to learn to code.   The robot is being used in classrooms (grades 4-college) around the world to help teach subjects, such as math, space exploration, language arts, computer science and even social studies.

Students are able to quickly and easily connect to and program the robots, and we are able to integrate the use of robots into a variety of curricular subjects more frequently, said Lisa Rode, 6th grade teacher at Kings Glen Elementary in Fairfax County, VA.

Over two dozen different sensors and modules can be programmed with the GoPiGo3, which can turn it into everything from a mobile weather station (think mars rover data collection robot) to a self-driving car (using object detection and so much more). This newest version, the GoPiGo3, can also transform from a robot car into a balance bot, with just a few extra components.

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Dexter Industries, an educational robotics company, develops robots that make learning about technology and programming more accessible to everyone.

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