A start-up launched a positive impact technology which unwittingly decreases publisher’s Adblock rate by 11%

Paris, France – July 24, 2017 – Watching an ad with Watch And Give’s technology makes a donation to a non-profit organization. On this day the young Start up from Paris, already succeeds to make a positive impact on the society by providing school classes to children in Laos, School Supplies, as well as planting 487 trees in Brazil. Watch And Give shows full transparency. It notifies Internet users, publishers, and advertisers where each dollar goes.

Shaï Douillet, founder of Watch And Give providing School Supplies in Laos

Also, those donations made with advertisements bring benefits to publishers themselves.  In addition to contributing to NPOs, the young start-up noticed that the use of ad blockers decreased on their partners websites.

Shaï Douillet, the founder of Watch And Give, claims that “Within two months after launching this positive impact technology on their website, our publishers partners noticed their Adblock’s rate decreasing down to 11%. The way the start-up has internet users deliberately deactivating their ad blocker to support various NPOs demonstrates that current online advertising, indeed, no longer corresponds to people’s convictions nor demand. Last year, $22 billion of ads were blocked in the year 2016. 

Instagram picture of Watch And Give’s last humanitarian trip in Laos

As a publisher, this is how contributing to NPOs through Watch And Give’s technology increases their revenue.

Moreover, to make a donation an entire video needs to be watched. Consequently, Watch And Give offers the best view-ability rate on the market (90% in the last three months) which leads to a rise of publishers’ ad revenues.

Watch And Give’s team plans to create the biggest community of social impact advertising. They are looking for US publishers and advertisers to donate the first million dollars to various NPOs by the end of 2018.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/JaoQjh0Tww4

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