Two Blind Marketers launch Indiegogo campaign to reach podcast movement convention

Two Blind Entrepreneurs from the United States have launched a fundraising campaign on crowd funding website to gather funds for travelling to podcast movement convention 2017. Despite their disability, the marketing duo has managed to run a business and call themselves ‘Two Blind Marketers’. They have recently been invited to speak at the prestigious Podcast movement convention 2017 and it’ll be the first time ever that a blind person will be speaking in the podcast convention.

The amount raised from the fundraiser will cover the cost of travel, meals, lodging and other expenses. The amount will also cover the cost of gifts and rewards to the contributors. This is a big chance for them to communicate to the audience, enhance networking and take their business to the next level which is why the success of the fundraiser becomes utmost important for them.

The entrepreneurs are also raising a child with special needs named Mandy, and a part of funds raised will also cover her nursing costs during the event. The podcast is a golden opportunity for them to make a difference in their lives and others as well. Through this podcast, they will assist other podcasters and small to medium business owners in uncovering their business needs so that they can attain more clients using web accessibility. The duo has managed to get to this level with their hard work and strong determination along with a great support from the community which is why they have turned up to the masses again for support. The goal is to raise $10,000 which will cover the costs of travelling to and fro from the convention as well as accommodation, meals, and rewards for the backers.

The podcast will allow the entrepreneurs to present their ideas and knowledge to the world. Through this event, they can expand their network with experts, colleagues and potential customers. They can share their inspiring story of success to the world and the work they have done as entrepreneurs. Moreover, they have been specially invited to speak at the convention which means they can grow their business and secure a better future for their daughter. The only challenge is to afford the travel and stay for the convention for which the crowd funding campaign will help.

For the generous backers, the entrepreneurs are offering a variety of rewards in terms of their services and thank you notes, t-shirts, and photographs for making their contributors a part of their business community.

More information about the same can be seen on their Indiegogo campaign page.

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