Transforming one’s bathroom is easier than it seems, confirms JT Spas

There are undoubtedly many more beautiful bathrooms today. These bathrooms are often airier, brighter, and more elegant than just mere functional spaces where one takes a shower or bath. And at JT Spas, customers easily transform their bathrooms into cosier, more attractive, and more welcoming rooms with the right shower wall panels.

JT Spas knows and understands how important it is for homeowners to have the bathroom of their dreams. And having the bathroom of one’s dreams need not cost an arm and a leg, either, if one knows where to look for the best bathroom products they need.  Even just a simple replacement of taps or basins can already do wonders for the simplest and dullest of bathrooms.

One way through which homeowners can transform the look and feel of their bathroom is by installing new shower wall panels. Shower wall panels are not expensive, and JT Spas makes them even more budget-friendly by partnering with some popular brands to give customers extra savings.

With new shower wall panels, even the oldest and most boring shower enclosure can get a new lease on life, and this automatically makes any bathroom look fresher, brighter, and more attractive. The array of shower wall panels at JT Spas comes in different styles, patterns, colours, and thicknesses, and this includes such choices as Black Sparkle, Beige Sparkle, Beige Marble, Gloss White Embedded Silver V Groove, Light Grey Marble, Pearlescent Black, Pergamon Marble, Carrara Marine, and more.

One particularly popular choice with many customers is the Plastivan Craquele Beige PVC Bathroom Cladding Shower Wall Panel (W250mm by H2700mm), which comes in a pack of 4 wet wall panels at 10mm thickness for only £65. The regular retail price for this product is £159, so customers who purchase it from JT Spas will be able to get additional savings of as much as £94. JT Spas further confirms, “Manufactured from PVC and with a range of stylish decors, the panels are non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean, ideal for both wet and dry areas. The perfect alternative to bathroom tiles, you’ll never have to clean tile grout again.”

JT Spas also explains, “Each of the shower wall panels measures W250mm x H2700mm and come supplied in a pack of 4, making the total coverage W1000 x H2700mm. Two packs would be enough for a standard 800mm or 900mm quadrant shower enclosure.” To learn more about the shower wall panel selection at JT Spas, visit

About JT Spas

JT Spas is an established bathroom product supplier offering affordable yet quality bathroom products, which include an extensive and affordable shower wall panel selection. To learn more about bathroom product offers, visit the JT Spas website. 

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