Ideawheel R5 Smart Electric Bike with Pedal Offers New Travel Concept: Green, Healthy and High-Efficiency

Ideawheel has set foot in several fields, including electric scooters, electric skateboards, intelligent helmets and smart ebikes. Take smart e bikes for instance. The technique of Ideawheel in this field is quite mature and R5 smart electric bicycle is a forceful proof. What R5 brings to people is a brand-new travel concept: green, healthy and high-efficiency.

As city traffic is much more congested and air quality is declining with each passing day, green, healthy and high-efficiency travel concept is widely proposed by this era. Among nowadays transport market, Ideawheel smart e bikes have done great job in fulfilling such a brand-new travel concept. Ideawheel enjoys mature technique in this field and Ideawheel R5 electric assist bicycle is a good example. The following will explain its travel idea in details.

First of all, Ideawheel R5 intelligent electric bike offers a green travel. Everyone knows that most vehicles on nowadays roads are driven by gasoline or diesel, which will generate exhausts and cause air pollution. However, those are never problems for R5, for it has two main driving powers, including lithium-ion battery or electricity, and physical strength. Both of these two powers won’t produce any harmful exhausts. In other words, it is helpful to protect the living environment if people are willing to replace their transports with R5.

How could Ideawheel R5 electric assist bike offer healthy travel? It is mainly because of three riding modes. It is easy for people to understand electricity-assisted mode, which means that riding power comes from the equipped lithium-ion battery. Riders are relaxing at this moment. Power-assistance mode is the second one. Under this mode, there are 0 to 11 gears for riders, which decides the level of power assistance.

Bodybuilding mode means that the power totally comes from physical strength. The last two modes ask for man power and thus realize the goal of bodybuilding. It has been proved that if people insist on riding R5 everyday, their physical fitness is much stronger than those who drive cars. Rich riding modes also realize unlimited range. Then, long-distance travel becomes possible. Also, the maximum speed is able to reach 20km/h. It is why R5 is a high-efficiency travel transport.

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