Creative Biolabs is Coming Back with a Comprehensive List of Neutralizing Antibodies

Creative Biolabs, a biotech company specialized in antibody production and development, released a comprehensive list of neutralizing antibodies.

With years of experience in antibody production and development, Creative Biolabs is bringing a longer list of neutralizing antibodies for research use.

Neutralizing antibody (NAb) is a type of antibody that is capable of keeping an infectious agent from infecting a cell by neutralizing or inhibiting its biological effects, a virus, for instance. It is produced naturally as part of immune system responses to inhibit the effects of receptors on the foreign invaders.

Neutralizing antibodies are different with binding antibodies. Binding antibody can bind to a specific antigen and flag it. The antibody-antigen complex can trigger the process of white blood cells’ destroying the flagged antigen. While neutralizing antibody can directly stop the function of the agents without the need of white blood cells by binding its target and negates its downstream cellular effects, such as cell proliferation or chemotaxis.

Creative Biolabs provides a wide range of antibodies that have been validated for neutralizing. “We have tested these antibodies in relevant bioassays to ensure that our antibodies have appropriate cellular functions”, said Dr. Monika Müller, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs. Creative Biolabs also uses advanced manufacturing methods to ensure low endotoxin.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is specialized in providing custom biotechnology and pharmaceutical services that cover the full scope of biotechnology needs of early drug discovery and drug development, such as phage display technology, antibody sequencing, etc. As a trusted provider of the most cost-effective outsourcing solutions, Creative Biolabs has been working for a large number of satisfied clients from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as government and academic research laboratories all over the world. 

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