Dr. Monika Müller Talks on the 2017 Creative Biolabs Midyear Meeting: Q&As About Antibody Structure and Function

Creative Biolabs held the 2017 Creative Biolabs Midyear Meeting in New York, where its headquarters lies, on July 21.

On the meeting, Dr. Monika Müller, scientific officer of Creative Biolabs, gave a speech on antibody structure and function. He explained all related Q&As about antibody structure and function, which he believes may be of help to provide better service for customers.

Basic questions referred on the speech:

What is antibody?
How many kinds of native antibodies exist in vivo?
How does antibody mature in vivo?
Is there any artificial antibody and what are their applications?
What are the applications of antibody in research?
What are the applications of antibody in clinic?
What is the difference between the applications of polyclonal antibody and monoclonal antibody?
What is antigen?
What kind of antigen is suitable for immunization to generate antibody?
How does antibody bind to its target antigen?
How to determine the affinity of certain antibody to antigen?

“Antibodies are involved in various researching fields. Only when we get a comprehensive view of them, can we find the best solution for our clients within limited time”, said Dr. Monika.

For the complete content about this speech, please visit antibody structure and function.

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Creative Biolabs is specialized in providing custom biotechnology and pharmaceutical services that cover the full scope of biotechnology needs of early drug discovery and drug development, such as antibody production. As a trusted provider of the most cost-effective outsourcing solutions, Creative Biolabs has been working for a large number of satisfied clients from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as government and academic research laboratories all over the world.

Creative Biolabs was founded by scientists who are dedicated to the conquering of cancer. It believes that establishing a custom-service-centered business model is important for optimizing the drug development process, leveraging accessible resources, and forming a team of various backgrounds to conduct drug discovery in the future. 

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