Wild West Launched Fundraiser On Kickstarter For Their Unique Restaurant Project

Diogo Miguel Ferreira announces launch of campaign on Kickstarter for Wild West, a unique restaurant project.

Diogo Ferreira, a wannabe entrepreneur with a passion for business, has announced that the campaign for Wild West is now live and active on Kickstarter. Wild West is a never-seen-before concept as it deals with an in-store video game restaurant. The unique eatery will be inside of V-GAME, a video game entertainment and technology retail store which will be opened in 2018 in Miami, FL.

“We are happy to announce that the funding campaign for our dream restaurant and technology retail store project is live on Kickstarter now,” says the founder Diogo Miguel Ferreira. “Our special entity, the retail/restaurant is aimed at delivering high entertainment value to our clients. The purpose of the fund is to acquire the key equipment needed for the restaurant and also to redesign our space.”

Wild West is a truly different and creative business idea that has never been tried before. The concept of an in-store video game restaurant that will operate inside a video game entertainment and technology retail store is unusual and has huge business potential according to the founder.

Wild West is a different concept in which the enterprise is not just about attracting customers and doing business. Here, visitors can feel extremely comfortable, engage in various in-store activities and have fun in their own private space within the restaurant. The space is open to everyone and inside it they can be like one big family.

Wild West has shared a video of the space they have chosen for the project with detailed clips of their retail, restaurant and office. They believe that the space they have is tailor-made for their unique concept. All it needs is some redesigning to completely transform the concept of retailing, restaurant, fashion and entertainment.

According to Diogo Ferreira, they also have planned introduction of some exclusive and homemade wild west BBQ sauce in three flavors, sweet and tangy, spicy and smoky. They will be available in V-GAME in-store thematic video game restaurant and also through their V-GAME ecommerce throughout the US and Canada. They have plans for craft beer which is delicious and served real cold. There are various varieties available.

Wild West products can be ordered through their website, app or from their local delivery partner in Miami, FL for home, school or office deliveries. Customers can also order their products while on Ocean Drive beach using the Wild West mobile app and get delivery in one of their location points in Ocean Drive.

The funds raised through Kickstarter campaign will be primarily used for redesigning the space acquired for the enterprise and also for purchase of equipment/material needed for the restaurant. Diogo Ferreira has a target of raising €50,000 for the project. The campaign ends on 27, August, 2017.

About Wild West:

Wild West is a unique business project conceived by Diogo Ferreira, an entrepreneur passionate about doing business in a unique way. Wild West is an in-store video game restaurant within V-GAME the video game entertainment and technology retail store that will be opened in Miami, FL in 2018.

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