“The Heroine Standard” defends literature’s most hated female characters

Lena Gilmour, a university student, and an aspiring author is all set to launch her debut book, The Heroine Standard which presents an interesting concept of defending literature’s most hated female characters.  Her book will be composed of various chapters in the form of essays in which she will discuss the most hated or unlikable female characters in some of the most popular modern books, including The Great Gatsby, Macbeth, Twilight, and others. Unfortunately, the only obstacle in her way is limited funds, which is why she has launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.com. The goal is to raise $500 which will cover the cost of editing and marketing the book.

Lena has always loved reading books and writing, and through her debut book, she finally has a chance to pursue her passion. In fact, the idea to create The Heroine Standard was born in her high school days when she wrote an essay for her English class defending the character of Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. She went on to read about several other female protagonists who were widely hated by readers. Lena wanted to explore and present a different side of their character to the world, which is why she decided to pen the book, The Heroine Standard. This novel is her attempt to present these female characters in a different light with a brand-new perspective, defying the stereotypes built around them.

The Heroine Standard is a dream project for Lena and the success of the crowdfunding campaign will ensure that she is able to put this novel on the shelves. Using the amount from the fundraiser, she will send a copy of the novel to beta readers for review and critique. She will then hire an editor who will do complete editing of the book for sending to literary agents. Her book will be completed within a year and she is also giving away a copy of the book to the contributors for their support to the campaign. The backers can obtain a PDF copy of the book by contributing CA$25 or more to the campaign. By donating $5 or $10 the backers can also get particular essays of their choice from the book.

Lena’s book will consist of a discussion of the reasoning for readers’ hatred for a particular character and her idea of their reasoning for acting the way they do, along with conclusions about each character and what lessons they give through their faults.  She is really passionate about her work and she urges the masses to support the Kickstarter campaign by contributing as much as possible or sharing it to those who can. 

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