10 Global Cities Announce Bitcoin Airdrop 2017

The Blockchain Education Network, a distributed organization known for hosting events that empower blockchain enthusiasts around the world to grow their local communities, has announced a global Bitcoin Airdrop powered by bitJob to begin this university school year. Already the fintech communities in 10 regions have agreed to participate including McGill University and the Richard Ivey School of Business in Canada, UC Berkeley, Wake Forest and St Peterburg in the United States, Puerto Rico and Columbia, University of Queensland in Australia, Trivandrum and Bangalore in India, St Petersburg in Russia.

The first airdrop event begins on August 11th in Columbia, where Jorge Perez, the director of BEN Columbia, is hosting a meeting up a restaurant. The airdrop then moves to St Petersburg in Russia on August 16th where the giveaway is being held in unison with the Hypethon, an ICO focused hackathon where blockchain developers are developing infrastructure around ICOs to pitch to investors. The airdrop will continue to other campuses and cities until the network has distributed the entire amount of donations.

Rodion Mikhalev, the director of BEN Russia and one of the organizers of the Hypethon explained in a statement that “The Hypethon is a mix between a hackathon & an accelerator. It’s a 48-hour event hosted by Crypto Friends, where Eberhard Lindfordt will screen the top 20 projects out of hundreds of applicants. Teams chosen will receive help from experienced Blockchain experts which will help them finalize their business and lead them into successful ICOs launches. There will also be ICO angels ready to invest their money into projects on the spot, and whom will receive additional bonus coins if done so at the event. This is the perfect event in Russia to host the airdrop and to distribute bitcoins to the hundreds of innovators who will pass by in the 48-hour window, and we are excited to participate in it! This is a very rare and exciting opportunity which will attract some of Russia’s best talent and will pave the way to a better future worldwide.”

Alberto Jauregui, the director of growth of the Blockchain Education Network’s, said in a statement that he believes the “Bitcoin Airdrop serves as an engine to introduce students to the disruptive blockchain industry and incentivize them to band together to form new BEN chapters or regions”.

Last year, Jauregui hosted a small airdrop outside the main library at the University of South Florida and hid paper wallets throughout the campus. This year, he plans to coordinate an Airdrop alongside a Bitcrawl on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. The date is to be announced. “Who doesn’t like free Bitcoin?”, Jauregui added.

The title sponsor of the event is bitJob, a decentralized marketplace based on blockchain technology that connects students with part-time work. bitJob has already partnered with many of the blockchain clubs at the participating campuses of the airdrop including McGill University and the Richard Ivey School of Business that will seed the marketplace with the first students looking for work on projects that can help them become fully employed in the blockchain industry.

“It is a true honour to be sponsoring the 2017 Blockchain Education Network’s Global Bitcoin Airdrop across university campuses. bitJob shares a similar mandate as BEN to empower students and give them the necessary tools to compete in today’s marketplace. This year’s event is shaping up to be the largest ever as the popularity of Bitcoin and Blockchain continues to rise globally, said Dror Medalion, Co Founder & CEO or bitJob, said in a statement”.

The Airdrop is being supported by blockchain media firm Blockchain TV, digital identity startup DIID and enterprise blockchain consulting and development firm MLG Blockchain.

“I am very excited to be a sponsor in this years Blockchain Education Network’s global Bitcoin Airdrop 2017! BEN is a driving force behind empowering the youth of tomorrow, which makes for a great story to tell!”, said James Gonzalez, Co Founder and CEO of Blockchain TV in a statement.

Michael Gord, the Founder and CEO of MLG Blockchain, said in a statement that “This was our vision after we saw the successful airdrop at MIT in 2014.” Gord, who also founded the McGill Students Cryptocurrency Club during his time in undergrad, continued the annual tradition the following year at McGill and it has since become a staple of the orientation week of universities. “It took a few iterations but we finally have the team and resources in place to make a truly global airdrop happen”.

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